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Who really owns the 14.3 acre (or sometimes reported as 16.8 acre) former Vietor property? If you read HAF public statements and court filing you would be convinced the property belongs to HAF. Not so. Vera left the property in Trust with then Crocker Bank, now Well Fargo in San Francisco, as a nature preserve. In a 1994 shenanigan, defying Vera's will, the Court allowed the property to be transferred from Well Fargo to HAF, as TRUSTEE. Vera's heirs were not informed of the court proceedings, and thus not present in Court.

Vera's will clearly states HAF has the USE of the residence and property, but does not say they OWN it and can ABUSE it. Vera created the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve of the property, for the use of the North Coast Public, to be held in Trust by first Crocker, then Wells Fargo, then (1994) HAF. It is the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve, to be guarded by the trustee for the Public, not destroyed by HAF as they have done in 1995, and are trying to do even now, in defiance of Vera's will and the protestations of Vera's Perrott heir `watchdogs', in an 20 month court battle turned down at the level of the California Supreme Court, which Vera's Watchdogs now plan to take to the US Supreme Court.

Below is a current Humboldt County Tax assessor's description of the former Vietor property. Note under the OWNER, it states, HAF, TRUSTEE, not owner.

Don't let HAF destroy your natural treasure, join the SAVE THE LYNN VIETOR NATURE PRESERVE class action suit.