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Click here for printable petition form

Dear Friends. August 2001

Save The Public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve (STPLVNP) At Indianola

Legal action prevented despoliation of the public's Nature Preserve for 22 months. But in early July 01 HAF `broke ground' potential violation of their `sacred sites'. Meanwhile STPLVNP filed a class action suit (amended 3 August 01) to save the site, currently being heard in court. For STPLVNP to be certified as a bona fide `class' it must demonstrate a reasonable number of identified `member-beneficiaries' of the public Nature Preserve Vera Perrott Vietor created in her 1972 will. You all qualify simply by signing up.

The Nature Preserve and architecturally significant Vietor residence were guarded `native and unspoiled' for some 22 years. Then Crocker was replaced in May 1994 by Wells Fargo as trustee. HAF then volunteered to be, became `land trustee' in DEC 94. But HAF had covertly gone to Planning for a building permit in February 94, issued in June 94, not divulging it was to despoil the public's Nature Preserve and Vietor residence (nor getting Court or California Attorney General's approval). Thus HAF with the fiduciary responsibility to guard the site `native and unspoiled' for the public, instead violated it first in 1995 (cutting redwoods, paving over, devastating the Vietor residence), now again in 2001, egregiously breaching Vera's will and trust and destroying public property.

HAF could as easily honor their founder by sticking to charitable giving and not engage in environmental destruction of Vera's property gifts to the public. The `class action' lawsuit would stop this travesty, remove HAF as bogus `land trustees', and require them to relocate offsite, to do charitable giving. This would be a North Coast win-win, HAF continuing charitable giving offsite, but the public Nature Preserve enduring. HAF need not destroy Mother Nature and Vera's `other' gifts to the public to give away money.

Wells Fargo for knowingly letting HAF become `land trustees' and despoil the property with invaded Vietor trust principal are allegedly guilty of fiduciary malfeasance. The suit asks WFB to replace principal, pay for the damages. These funds would go in trust to a new legitimate court appointed land trustee, HSU (or equal) with University Of Oregon-Architecture (to restore the architecturally significant Vietor residence), so the site could qualify for National Historic/Heritage Site status. HAF pays nothing. Vera's heirs get nothing. The site is conserved `native and unspoiled', HAF's charitable giving continues.

Attached is a `sign up' to join STPLVNP to help certify the organization with the Court. Please join in saving the public's (your) Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve. Thanks.

Click here for printable petition form