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There's No Trees

HAF's Pennekemp has made various egregious claims, like the new building will 'not involve' cutting any redwood trees (HAF cut several large redwoods in the 1995 'north of the residence' parking lot fiasco), or in ANY WAY INTERFERE WITH THE LYNN VIETOR NATURE PRESERVE" (10 June 1999)

There you have it, HAF admits there is a Nature Preserve, while announcing plans to destroy it, while claiming otherwise. That is HAF as the Trustees with the fiduciary responsibility to protect the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve 'native and unspoiled' (not even a picnic table allowed).

In a 20 April 1999 court ORDER ON JOINT PETITION TO INSTRUCT TRUSTEES (signed by Pennekamp) "It has been determined that a site on the current HAF property (see Note A below) can be used to develop a 4000+ square foot facility primarily for providing public services WITHOUT INTRUDING ON THE WOODLAND AND MEADOWS that Mrs. Vietor wished preserved". (Like they are going to suspend it from the sky with helium balloons?)

Note A: It is not HAF property, it is the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve held in trust for the public by HAF as trustee.

In an August 25, 1999 Declaration (under oath) for the court, Pennekamp stated "That great care has been taken in selecting the site for the new building and accompanying parking lot to ensure that the natural beauty of the real property is NOT HARMED IN ANYWAY (page 3, line 19 through 21). It only destroys 10% of the public's Nature Preserve.

More egregiously, in the same document "That at no time during HAF's possession of the Vietor property has a 'picnic table, barbecue pit, swimming pool' or other like improvements been installed or placed on the Vietor real property. There is no intent nor plan to create or include such 'park like' improvements in connection with the renovation / expansion." HAF, in court, says it is all right to destroy 10% of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve as long as HAF doesn't build one picnic table. What a mockery of Vera's will. How many picnic tables in 1.4 acres? In planning the project, HAF says GREAT CARE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO OBSERVE THE WISHES ARTICULATED BY VERA PERROTT. Such will continue to be taken" (page 4, line 21 through page 5, line 2).

Faithful trustee Pennekamp is not putting in any picnic tables but is destroying about 10% of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve with his GREAT CARE. Such spurious 'double speak' from Vera's fiducially 'responsible' trustees representative must make her real happy for having made her gift to the North Coast.

Reread Vera's will. She created a 'keep it native and unspoiled' public Lynn Vietor Park, but without even 'picnic tables or barbecue pits'. This was too cumbersome for sign boards. HAF, 1974 - 1992 shortened this to the LYNN VIETOR NATURE PRESERVE. Which is what HAF calls it today (see: www.hafoundation.org). Vera admonished that of her property that was to be a public nature preserve, it was 'all of it' (see her will).

Below are three 1999 photos panning the proposed building site. Also, aerial photos of the Vietor property. Independent observers can draw their own conclusions. This 'semi open' southwest corner of the Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve is where Dolly Coffelt reports she and Vera regularly had conversations with a wild 'lizard' Vera named Lucy, (Vera's middle name). (See Coffelt Declaration). Today, it is a bedding ground for deer, and a haven for wildlife which Vera would love. Should these of Vera's beneficiaries be 'paved out' by HAF's 'empire building'?

The 'real property' that is referred to is all within the Vietor property limits, thus is all part of the the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve that Vera's will mandates to be kept 'native and unspoiled'. Briar bushes happen to occur regularly in 'native and unspoiled' locations, but never 4000 square foot buildings and huge 'asphalt jungle' parking areas. Below are three photos taken by R. W. Perrott in August 1999 (about the time the Pennekamp declaration was dated) of the HAF proposed building site, within the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve with the camera's back to the hill (east), looking west.

1) Facing southwest across the Indianola road

2) Facing west-Humboldt Bay in the background,

3) Facing northwest the three photos taken together essentially pan the proposed 4000 square foot building and parking lot site. A picture is worth 1000 words.


Aerial Photo before 1995

The Vietor residence on hilltop, opening in center of forest, prior to 1995 'parking lot fiasco' (afternoon well lighted). Proposed 1999 construction site, lower right hand corner.


Aerial Photo After 1995

Though it is in shadow (early in the day) the 1995 parking lot gouge into forest is visable. Proposed 1999 building site lower right corner.


HAF Proposed Building and Parking Lot

HAF proposed building and parking lot lay out 'eating up' 10% of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve.


This is the copy of the blueprint used to overlay on the Aerial Photo shown above.


The Proposed HAF Office Building

Should HAF be allowed to replace Vera's mandated 'native and unspoiled' with this 'cow shed'? Destroy 10% of the public's Nature Preserve? Breach Vera's will and trust?


The site plan of the Humboldt Area Foundation shows 16 trees to be cut.