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HAF Founder Vera Perrott Vietor's lament
This is not what my 1972 `death bed' will said or meant
`native and unspoiled' Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve I created, see
A quiet pristine sanctuary gift for the North Coast it was to be
Complete with my Internationally famous John Yeon house,
Which I admonished HAF not to touch, not even a mouse

After 18 years `good' administrator Ellen Dusick in 1992 is gone
A pusillanimous new HAF administration in 1993 is on,
Post 1992 a `fiducially irresponsible' HAF is now off track
My will states, for such `breach of Trust' I SHALL take it all back
But despoliation is post-1992 trustee HAF's rule of the day
To stop it Courts my `Perrott watchdogs' give no `standing', say

1995 HAF chain saws my dogwood, madrone, buck berry, redwood
Now ugly cement and asphalt where `native and unspoiled' stood
A casualty of HAF's `empire building', my home is gutted, violated
All funded by my outlawed SF Trust principle illegally invaded
1999 HAF announces expanded building (more destruction)
My will outlawed even `picnic table' construction.

To `grow' the Foundation is post-1992 HAF's stated aim
My Nature Preserve and Principal Trust must suffer is HAF's claim
HAF should give up this fiduciary mismanagement, go right
Expand (empire build) elsewhere, outside the Preserve, off site
HAF need not`breach the trust', to philanthropically give,
No! HAF let my Walden Pond gifts to the North Coast public live

From HAF Directors Lane Strop, Jack Selvage? No hope.
Other directors? The Court? Planning Department? `nope'.
To my beneficiaries the North Coast Public I now appeal,
`native and unspoiled' gifts to you was my 1972 will's deal
This 14.3 acres (and residence) should be a National Heritage site!
If the public intervenes, stops HAF destruction, I pray it still might.


Vera's Surreal Reappearance


Vera's `watchdog' Perrott heirs find it surreal to have heard and read HAF and their lawyers bogus argument filled Court briefs over the months, with HAF egregiously trying to reinvent their aunt Vera and her will, while heaping obloquy and calumny on Vera's nieces and nephews, for simply standing up for their aunt's will and its clear and unambiguous intent to truly benefit the North Coast community vs. a gone rotten post-1992 HAF. This after many years of intimate contact, much at the Indianola site, with their nature loving aunt Vera, specifically from 1941 when the now Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve property was acquired by the Vietors, through Vera's death in 1972. And after taking pride in the development of their aunt's intended version of HAF through 1992 (the Dusick years). With the Perrotts only becoming active in HAF affairs (following Vera's mandate to them as her `watchdogs' in her 1972 will) with their challenging HAF not to further destroy the Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve in mid-1999 with HAF's proposed `cow barn' like building to destroy 10% of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve. This upon only fortuitously discovering HAF's 10 June 1999 announcement that HAF and WFB intended `further' (after the circa 1995 north of the Vietor residence tree `chain sawing' and Nature Preserve `paving over') devastation of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve and residence. Despite all their churlish and contemptible obfuscation it is clear to the Perrotts the HAF charlatans and their wrong headed lawyers who are trying to reinvent Vera and her will (paid for out of Vera's charitable funds) wouldn't even know Vera if she walked into the room. Should the watchdogs `pity' these poor lawyers for having to try to cover up such a significant travesty as HAF's post 1992 devastation of a public treasure?

Post 1992, HAF (and WFB) have breached the letter and spirit of Vera's will in almost every way possible. Destroying the Nature Preserve. Devastating the Vietor's architecturally significant residence. Invading principal to do their destruction. Invading principal again for routine operations. Changing Vera's 1972 mandated method of choosing the Board of Governors post 1992. Transitioning post 1992 to HAF's much ballyhooed `rethought mission' which the Perrotts allege equates to a ballooning, self serving HAF organization with an unacceptable `high-cost-of giving'. All while intentionally duping the North Coast Public (past and future potential donors) otherwise. All this robbing Vera's intended beneficiaries, the North Coast public. The pusillanimous HAF interests are at the turn of the 21st century attempting to reinvent HAF's farsighted, magnanimous, altruistic, charitable and nature loving founder Vera and rewrite her will to cover up the post-1992 travesties that HAF as Vera's 'interloper' trustees (1994) have heaped on the public's Nature Preserve, residence, and 1972 version of HAF Vera intended, since 1993.

If sagacious but irascible she-bear Vera were to reappear on the scene, she would go screaming into her former residence and kick `chain saw' and `wrecking bar' Selvage/Pennekamp and their `rethought mission' imposters out of the house and off the property in a matter of minutes. Vera's nieces and nephews have patiently (but not inexpensively) looked to the justice of the Court system to acknowledge the standing that Vera intended them to have to be able to protect her gifts to the North Coast Public, and accomplish that same result as Vera's surreal reappearance above would. Failing that, Vera's watchdogs now appeal to the public to become involved in saving for themselves the gifts Vera intended for they the public, not for the post 1992 imposters that are masquerading as Vera's HAF.

Help save the public's LYNN VIETOR NATURE PRESERVE