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HAF founder Vera Perrott Vietor's `watchdog' nieces and nephews resorted to the Court in August 1999 to enlist America's universally touted `rule-of-law' to expose and stop the post-1992 HAF despoliation of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve (created by Vera's 1972 will). This 'inform-the-public' site opened posing a question: Is post-1992 HAF `A SHINING WHITE KNIGHT' or `A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING'?

Now three years on we revisit that question. Much better informed for having battled HAF and Wells Fargo (WFB) in the courts and other venues. Besides the `smoking gun' physical evidence of 1995 and 2001 public Nature Preserve despoliation, we've had access to the accompanying voluminous legal records and documentary evidence (Court and Planning files) of shocking HAF's post-1992 chicanery, duplicity in destroying Vera's most heartfelt gifts to the North Coast public, the 14.3 acre public Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve and the Vietor's architecturally significant residence and landscaping by famous but now deceased Portland architect John Yeon. U of Oregon in Eugene has a center for his life works. Many of his other masterpieces in the Portland area are now maintained as `historic sites'. The Vietor home was displayed (photographically) at the New York Museum Of Modern Art alongside works of Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1940's, and featured internationally in many `home-and-garden' magazines of the day.

HAF's claims being `honored to occupy such a treasure' (the Vietor residence)--a mantra in HAF's recent mid 2002 `self laudatory' thirtieth anniversary celebration. Isn't this arrogantly disingenuous after the craven and duplicitous despoliation that same post-1992 HAF has wreaked on the public's Nature Preserve? Especially John Yeon's architecture (the structure) and landscaping (masterfully blending the house into the setting and nature). Vera's `watchdog' nieces and nephews visited when John Yeon was creating it all. They enjoyed it with the nature loving Vietors for the next 30 years. John Yeon's architectural treasure-gift to the public (not HAF) in aunt Vera's 1972 will has been egregiously decimated by the bogus interloping post-1992 version of HAF-who usurped (accepted) the fiduciary responsibility as Nature Preserve `land trustees' (Dec 1994) to guard it `native and unspoiled' for its Public owners (in trust). HAF has despoiled it.

How can this be? After Vera's trustee Crocker Bank, the legitimately appointed HAF Board and Ellen Dusick (first HAF Executive Director) had guarded it `native and unspoiled' for 20 years through 1992? Ellen Dusick was let go and the self-serving empire building `rethought mission' post-1992 version of HAF took over-with a `trust busting' new way of internally appointing (stacking) the board. Knowledge of this post-1992 HAF covert `coup d'etat' (breaching will and Trust) was surreptitiously withheld from, thus not approved by the Court. Only California's Attorney General in Sacramento can approve such a `will-and-trust' change. He was never informed. This clearly breached Vera's `death bed' will granting the entire property to the public as the Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve (in trust), while mandating that it be kept `native and unspoiled'.

John Yeon camped on the site for several days in 1940 to observe the early morning, late evening lighting, wind direction, shadows, etc. to better design his master piece created and landscaped to blended into its `Mother-Nature-in-charge' surroundings. The Vietor's choice of a hilltop site with Humboldt Bay view--90% covered by redwoods was `operated' as the Vietor's private nature preserve 1941-1972 and then passed on to the public (in trust) as such in Vera's 1972 will. It became from 1941 on a haven for Mother Nature in a zone of otherwise `civilized' devastation of nature outside its limits. Deer were bedding down in the west meadow until tractors and chain saw crews ejected them (to wander around dazed) when HAF broke ground for the `new building' in July 2001. Vera's will is very clear. Vera mandated the 14.3 acres was to be kept native and unspoiled-including the John Yeon `architectural and landscaping' improvements-not to be despoiled by as much as a picnic table or the Principal Trust and property was to be taken away under `beach-of-trust' (see Vera's will at this site).

In 1994, HAF concealed their egregious `despoiling' intentions from the Humboldt Superior Court and thus the California Attorney General and surreptitiously went directly to Humboldt Planning and submitted (file available at Planning) a duplicitous `illegal and fraudulent' building permit application to despoil the John Yeon landscaping and residence. Post-1992 HAF then had the temerity to further breach Vera's will and Trust document by `arranging' with replacement (May 1994) Vietor Principal trustee Wells Fargo (without the REQUIRED Court's or California Attorney General's knowledge or approval) to permit HAF to invade `charitable' Trust principal to fund the destruction (bulldozing, chain sawing redwoods, a front door madrone tree, a dogwood tree hanging out over John Yeon's `golf course' like lawn, paving over, brutalizing the house) to convert the public Nature Preserve into an ugly `asphalt park' and warehouse like `bull-pen' office to accommodate post-1992 HAF's self serving `empire building' schemes, while egregiously claiming the illegal funding was `to maintain the property' vs. in actuality despoiling it, breaching Vera's will and Trust, destroying public treasures.

Shouldn't the gulled and `injured' North Coast public take note of HAF's dissembling and smoke screening and reinvention of Vera and her will in court documents and press releases, to cover up their post-1992 destruction with condescending and syrupy words to conceal the factual misdeeds-a travesty in despoliation and destruction of public property. As in the old axiom, `deeds speak louder than words'.

If HAF wanted to expand post 1992, fine, simply move off site. It is crystal clear in Vera's 1972 will and Trust that NO ONE could ever add even a `picnic table' within the 14.3 acre public Nature Preserve. Still post-1992 HAF has cut down the public's nature preserve, paved it over, destroyed the Vietor's architecturally significant residence in the name of carrying out their charitable mission. It is a travesty to destroy a public Nature Preserve made worse by using Vera's charitable money --invaded principal--to destroy those public treasures--as post 1992 HAF has done while arrogantly claiming ad nauseam to be altruistic `saints', the benevolent Santa Claus of the North Coast.

Can the North Coast public have missed being bombarded with multi-media efforts by post-1992 HAF in self-serving propaganda and smoke screening obfuscation accompanying these dastardly and duplicitous deeds? Where is the truth? Start with Vera's intentions, and the facts (based on Court house and Planning documents, Vera's will-available and reproduced at this site) juxtaposed against HAF's well-documented post -1992 chicanery and despoliation. Are Vera's pesky nieces and nephews just the greedy and materialistic `poor losers' that HAF's propaganda (calumny) claims?

Check the facts in Vera's Humboldt courthouse file. In 1999-2001 legal pleading to stop HAF from destroying what Vera left in trust for the public, Vera's nephews waived their rights under her will (under breach) to be awarded all her Principal Trust money and the 14.3 acre Nature Preserve (and Vietor residence) property. Rather, Vera's watchdog's asked the Court to reinstate the pre-1992 situation, with a reconstituted independent HAF board (as per Vera's will and Trust). Ejection from the site of bogus post-1994 `land' trustee HAF to relocate elsewhere outside the Nature Preserve retaining all but Vera's original contribution to HAF Trust principal. I.e. `now' post-1992 HAF would be free to continue to operate independently under a new name (as the North Coast Foundation) with some 80% or more of 30 years of trust funding (all but Vera's). A new bona fide `land trustee' would be Court appointed, as HSC and University Of Oregon to renovate the Nature Preserve and architecturally significant residence and to manage it as the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve as Vera envisioned and mandated-applying for National Heritage Site (or equal) status at the appropriate time. WFB would pay damages and restore invaded principal to Vera's version of HAF to fund the renovation.

Vera's watchdogs didn't ask for thus lose anything per se. Isn't it the North Coast public that has been robbed of the treasures that Vera left them? Wasn't this at the hands of a bogus interloper post-1992 HAF masquerading as altruistic `white knights' but in fact and deeds acting as conflict-of-interest `land trustees' (post 1994) while performing as `wolves-in-sheep's-clothing' destroyers? Allowing HAF to become land trustees in 1994 (an egregious conflict of interest) was tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the hen house (the John Yeon-Vietor residence and public Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve).

But the courts and other authorities turned their back on `the rule of law' and went along with HAF-WFB obfuscation, and `kill-Vera's-messenger' legal tactics, preventing the facts of the trustees' (HAF and WFB) duplicity and chicanery from ever seeing the light of day in court. Thus was the North Coast public robbed of the gifts Vera intended for their use and enjoyment. Yes, Vera's watchdogs are devastated with the post-1992 travesty, but having asked of the Court nothing for themselves, they thus lost nothing `material' from the Courts failure to stop the miscarriage of justice. The public lost.

So three years on, what is a reasonable opinion of `injured' North Coasters? Clearly from founder Vera's point of view, post-1992 HAF is more to be REVILED for their destruction of public property fueled by invaded Trust Principal than REVERED by the
North Coast public (be they naïve and duped) in light of post-1992 HAF's high overhead empire building version of `charity'. After review doesn't the original 1999 labeling fit? Isn't post-1992 HAF more `WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING' disingenuously masquerading as altruistic `WHITE KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR' as claimed? Caveat emptor. Deceived North Coasters should think long and hard before `leaving a legacy' to such as post-1992 HAF--the North Coast's version of Enron, Arthur Anderson, Worldcom, Tyco, etc. Let the truth and the `real' Vera be known.