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HAPPY 2002?

HAPPY 2002! Or is it all so happy? Vera Perrott Vietor the simultaneous creator of the public's Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve and Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) in her 1972
will 30 years ago doesn't think so! Why?

Vera created HAF ONLY on the condition that the land trustee (originally Crocker Bank) would guarantee the inviolability of her gift to the public of her lifetime's Indianola `nature sanctuary' and residence (shown at the New York Museum Of Modern Art in the 1940's alongside works of Frank Lloyd Wright). Vera's will unequivocally stated that should her gift of the public's Nature Preserve EVER be despoiled by a single picnic table, the Trust (HAF and its funding) would be rescinded, and the property revert to her heirs.

All went well for the first 20 years under HAF's first Executive director and Board of Governors. HAF was operated as a plain vanilla low overhead charity. The Nature Preserve was scrupulously guarded `native and unspoiled' as mandated in Vera's will.

But in 1992 certain `characters' within HAF arranged a `coup d'etat', and took over HAF, breaching Vera's will. Ellen Dusick was fired, the method of appointing members of the HAF board was scrapped (without the knowledge or approval of the Court or the California Attorney General's office). Pennekamp was hired as the new post-1992 self serving HAF Board's enforcer. Under cover of Crocker Bank being bought out by Wells Fargo in 1994, successor trustee Wells Fargo duplicitously stepped aside in favor of HAF. This created an illegal conflict of interest, permitting HAF to continue as the chief beneficiary under the Trust while becoming simultaneously a trustee (of the land-not principal). This makes as much sense as a student becoming simultaneously the teacher grading its own papers.

In early 1994, Pennekamp lodged a fraudulent building permit with Humboldt Planning to despoil the public's Nature Preserve and Vietor residence, not divulging it was a public Nature Preserve, breaching Vera's will by despoiling the public's property in 1995. HAF repeated this chicanery in 1998 with a second fraudulent building permit application, to despoil 10% of the LVNP for HAF's new (empire building) office within the Nature Preserve (ground breaking delayed 1999-2001 by legal action against HAF-WFB).

Neale D. Walsch, in his book CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, BOOK 1, quotes God as describing how DOGMAS succeed. Dogmas are organizations such as religious, charitable, fraternal, etc., which manipulate the public's thinking-as post 1992 HAF has. First, the public needs to be made to believe they need what is offered (HAF's perceived charity). Next, the public must be lulled into losing faith in their being ability to provide what is offered by the organization (the charitable bait). The organization must appear to have answers (power) the public does not have. Lastly, the public must be conned into accepting the organizations answers (propaganda-smoke screening) without question-HAF's benevolent Santa Claus image.

But should the public become `enlightened' or exposed to the truth (legal action against HAF-WFB 1999-2001) the likes of HAF must expel and disgrace the `enlightened ones' with great fanfare, in order to intimidate the public to continue repeating the herd instinct mantras that are required to maintain the status quo (frustrate the rule of law). HAF has achieved this stereotype to the letter.

HAF heavies Selvage, Strope, Pennekamp are thus happy in 2002. But what of the duped North Coast public? Sadly, HAF could have as well have relocated offsite in 1994, and continued their Santa Claus activities, rather than the public's Nature Preserve being violated by their ugly tree cutting and paving over, then their `empire building' new headquarters in the heart of the public's Nature Preserve. HAF's `claim' that they had to destroy the public's Nature Preserve to be a success in giving away money is simply bogus. For the public, 2002 is not as happy as HAF dogma would have them think?