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Public Nature Preserve Creator Vera’s Ripped Off Lament

Excerpt Chapter 37 from John Perrott's Book:



Our dad’s older sister was our childless aunt Vera Perrott Vietor. She played a major role in we five 4th generation Perrott’s tough-love-work-ethnic-common-sense-10-commandment-abiding upbringing via avoidance of any of Vera’s “You’re going up Jackass Hill” labeled adolescent-spoiled behavior admonishments. Vera shared her knowledge of, appreciation of our family’s colorful Humboldt pioneer roots back to our 16th-century-French-Huguenot-Protestant-where-we-came-from-in-Europe French roots. Vera’s 1972 will named we 4th generation’s five siblings as Vera’s legal watchdogs, enforcers or alternate inheritors of her life’s pet project of creating her 14.3 acre Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve (LVNP) in Trust for the public of her redwood-forest-knob-hill-bay-view Indianola home site of 30 years. Vera’s deathbed will also created her North CA Coast Charitable Foundation mostly from her husband’s money who died weeks before her. The cherry on top her 14.3 acre LVNP public gift in Trust was the Vietor’s John Yeon 1941 home, internationally acclaimed as architecturally significant.
Perrott 3rd generation tough lady’ Aunt Vera was adamant her LVNP was to be maintained 'native and unspoiled’ or her will and Trust were legally breached, to be taken back and given to us five or the LVNP real estate plus her Charitable Foundation Principal Trust money via simple straight forward Rule of Law. That was per Vera’s strict criterions of her 1972-dying-widow’s-death-bed will in which Vera unequivocally mandated her will’s created LVNP, architecturally significant John Yeon (Vietor residence) was to be kept native-and-unspoiled “don’t even add a picnic table or barbecue pit” she admonished. She dedicated her public preserve LVNP Pubic gift to her husband Lynn. If her will’s LVNP or Charitable Trust rules were ever breached the Vietor charitable money, LVNP site were to revert back to us, her five nieces, nephews or watchdogs. But despite her warnings Vera’s will was egregiously breached two decades on by irreparable despoliation of Vera’s John Yeon residence in 1995 or 23 years on which is this chapter’s sad saga. Vera’s 14.3-acre-85%-redwood-forest-covered-Walden-Pond-like-knob-hill-Humboldt-Bay-view home site in a private nature preserve was significantly despoiled.
That’s by who but Vera’s own death-bed-will-created Charity who received all the Vietor’s liquid assets Principal Trust account income for local charity-cum-post 1993 boob charity with court (et al) chicanery instead. The frosting on Vera’s LVNP gifted cake was the Vietor’s 1941 Portland Oregon architect John Yeon’s designed residence, landscaping which was a treasure shown at NY’s Museum of Modern Art (NYMMA) photographically alongside works of Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) and other internationally recognized architects of that epoch in the early 40s. There is nothing else comparable to her LVNP gift in remote-off-the-beaten-track Redwood Empire Humboldt County in northern CA. The Vietor’s residence was featured with photographic spreads in most of the major 'house beautiful’ or 'home and garden’ magazines of the day. Vera’s will unequivocally mandated that her LVNP with residence was to be safeguarded by Vera’s Trust-bank-land-Trustee SF bank. The Trust bank got her money in Trust for Vera’s created, funded regional Charity. But her-absent-in-SF bank legally had to serve as Vera’s land Trustee guardian for her LVNP as created in o her bank spiked 1972-dying-widow’s-deat’s-bed-overnight-will’s chicanery. More on Vera’s SF bank `quid pro quo’ (QPQ) deal after several pages of her Yeon’s pictures next.

1941 pics as shown at the New York Museum of Modern Art (NYMMA) of John Yeon’s work alongside those of Frank Lloyd Wright architect of the day. John Yeon’s work was strikingly modern, tall glass vs. smaller box glass windows, plain exteriors, blending his houses into nature up front vs. planting a few trees or shrubs later. The Vietor home was featured in 'home and garden’ magazines of the day bringing too many gawkers to suit Vera. The house was on 14.3 acres, a knob hill covered by tall old redwoods with breath taking Humboldt Bay view W (L).

1941 pic as at NYMMA the S side, with bay views W (L) the daytime use dining had floor to ceiling glass for a very open feeling. Yeon perched the house on the view W brink of the knob hill, a slightly split two level main floor, but allowing a basement under the W of the house, step down N to the garage. It was a big house for a couple with no children, second bath in a guest bedroom, and one back to back fireplace in two rooms with one chimney. Yeon as an architect actually built house like a contractor, decorated it, added outside 'greenery’ to the N front door side.. dffdoor.fentrance. .

1941 as shown at NYMMA looking NE one sees the partial 2nd floor basement, the underside of Vera’s bird and wild animal feeding deck NW of that view-of the-Humboldt-Bay-W deck Vera and Lynn were camp out people, it was like architect Yeon designed the house for their personalities. I was there, but only nine at the time, what do I know. There was a stairs down to the basement for utilities, storage, fireplace wood, but a firewood elevator
to get fireplace wood upstairs. The house was not painted, rather it was only wood stained a nature’s grey.

1941 image as shown at NYMMA W face of house looking E. From L to R three windows to garage. First of four to hall to garage L, kitchen R, three kitchen windows. Yeon seemed not to care how house’s exterior looked, more how it lived from inside, view was enjoyed. Note how steep the entrance road is in the foreground, the Vietor’s choice was a steep 'look out’ knob hill, Yeon’s choice of a home site. Note Vera’s nature feeding porch alcove with animal feeding observed from inside, even at the dining room or breakfast table just inside the 'tall glass’.

1941 image as at NYMMA, Yeon put in the pond, and a 'golf lawn’ behind the camera blending into tall redwoods NE. He planted the 'front door’ oak tree, the boob-Charity removed it in their 1995 illegal despoiling of the Yeon architectural masterpiece for desk space? That was to cram 12 desks into a two people home. The two windows R of the 2nd N entrance door was the guest bedroom with bath. In 1995 it was changed to a wheel chair latrine only. The pond door became a main 'worker’s entrance’ from Yeon’s golf lawn 1995 asphalted to 35 parking slots. eswbak nE. leading

1941 pic as at NYMMA Yeon’s Vietor outside 'fair weather’ sleeping porch E off their master bedroom. In 1995 it was walled in for more boob charity worker’s desks. Vera’s will gave her charity use of the house, but to keep as an architectural treasure as it was which was honored for the first 18 years. Vera’s post 1993 boob charity pretended they owned the property to get the 1995 despoiling building permit for gross chicanery. U of Oregon, Eugene has the rest of Yeon’s treasures, would repair 1995 damage, to then appeal for Heritage Site status.

1941 as at NYMMA image, N main entrance door. Overhead light is inside a huge Japanese glass fishing net ball float. Windows L are to guest bedroom. The oak tree Yeon personally planted was destroyed in 1995. No picture provided, but Lynn had a study with fireplace W of master bedroom. In the 1995 despoliation the wall between the master bedroom and Lynn’s study was removed to provide a larger 'bull pen’ for desks including the walled in Yeon open air sleeping porch to the E. Vera’s boob charity’s respect for Yeon’s architectural treasure was NONE.

1941 NYMMA pic, looks S, Vietor’s two car garage. In 1995 garage dispensed with, made into more boob charity desk space. Yeon’s golf lawn became largely an asphalt jungle 35 space car park for workers, their visitors being hustled for charitable donations.
1941 NYMMA image, post 1995 there is looking W this walled in outside sleeping porch, master bedroom, Lynn’s study, all amalgamated into one boob charities 'bull pen’ desk space despoliation. Four years on 'charity’ abandoned home for big illegal HQ building.

1941 as at NYMMA image, Yeon’s 'golf lawn’ which in 1995 was paved over for 35 parking slots.
In 1995 neighbors reported 18 wheeler trucks hauling off redwood logs from the woods to the NW as well as Yeon’s oak tree center image met the same illegal fate as well as other trees, bushes Yeon had added N and E of the 'golf lawn’. After 1995 despoiling Yeon’s treasure, in 1999 boob-charity announced they were going to essentially abandon Yeon’s treasure, build an illegal new HQ with 65 added asphalt parking spaces a further will and trust breaching act for which Vera’s watchdogs took her Charity et al to task as further depoliation.

1996, pics after Vera’s heirs discovered 1995 despoliantion, one now sees L the 35 asphalt parking slots that destroyed Yeon’s 'golf green’ and more. Note the garage is dispensed with (R) no longer has garage doors, ather windows is converted to boob-charity desks or other working space. Vera’s heirs thru legal action delayred the second illegal building two years, but it was allowed for questionalble court, illegal building permit for lack of RULE OF LAW further criminally despoiling Vera’s will mandated LVNP was to be guarded “native and unspoiled”.

1941 as at NYMMA image, look W at N Humboldt Bay view. Door W mid image was to porch and Vera’s very active bird, wild animal feeding. Kitchen is door to R. Door to stairs to basement was in hall N of kitchen, a step down N stair to two car level garage. The new illegal boob-charity HQ building announce in 1999, Court allowed in 2002 is in the flat due W of this Yeon home adding 65 more asphalt parking slots. Vera’s will stated “adding a picnic table or barbecue pit” constituted breach of her will and trust, by rule of law, property to revert to Vera’s Perrott kin.

1941 as at NYMMA image, looking SW most notable was Yeon’s floor to ceiling glass to capture the view; one could see Eureka on Humboldt Bay in this more SW view choice. In this image, the wall on R leads to the front door entrance, back of the camera E was the living room fireplace. To the NE was a step up to the slightly higher level of the guest bedroom N, Lynn’s study S, the master bedroom E, and sleeping porch outside further E. Yeon’s good architectural design mainly captured the home’s knob hill elevation’s N Humboldt Bay view to the W.
Vera’s biggie will QPQ was if the SF bank didn’t keep Vera’s LVNP native and unspoiled, her will’s LVNP and Charitable gifts were to revert back to Vera’s five nieces, nephews under breach of her will and Trust via simple Rule of Law. Here’s a caveat that I will intentionally avoid mentioning either Vera’s Trust bank or her created Charitable Foundation by name as publishers are uptight about anything that might be considered defaming slander or thus attract legal libel litigation. That’s if there’s NO NAME there’s NO DEFAME, no avenue to attract libel legal action. As a reader you do not need any named culprit to follow Vera’s saga. The publisher nor I can’t be found guilty of defamation unless we name who is being defamed, which is judged on fact vs. falsehood. From the pictures above one has a good idea of what John Yeon built. From descriptions you know it was significantly despoiled despite Vera’s direction to keep LVNP including John Yeon residence “native and unspoiled.”
Defamation is or involves FALSE or none provable subjective statements. Herein all the mentions of LVNP despoliation are well documented or unchallengeable facts established by the NY Museum of Modern Art photos (1940s) vs. post-1995 despoliation or now. Vera’s ultimate problem was the local Court, Humboldt bureaucracies et al’s failure via Rule of Law to protect the Public’s in Trust LVNP including the Vietor’s architecturally significant home. That is from despoliation by Vera’s chosen SF bank or original land Trustee, her allowed-to-live-on site Charity both fiduciaries primary failure to perform. That’s to safeguard the public in Trust 14.3 acre LVNP at the Indianola site. In today’s litigious American society that‘s where we are as publisher’s fear publishing potentially libelous statements to expose such obvious bureaucratic chicanery or malfeasance. But libel has limitations. Libelous sounding printed statements as in this book has to be defaming of a named person or organization as false or malicious accusations. If statements about such acts or failures of Trust or Trustee are true but derogatory it is not ultimately libel rather is defended to protect the 1st Amendment right to factual free speech.
This one caveat or disclaimer is made in order to tell Vera’s factual story but not naming culprits to avoid refusal to publish as 'maybe’ libelous to avoid any cost involved by attracting lawsuits. Publishers are in a quandary but need to avoid taking an overzealous approach that an author is “guilty until proven innocent” thus impinging on the author’s 1st Amendment rights to publish fact based material or the real story the otherwise duped Public in Vera’s case should be aware of. That’s as herein, the Public owners in Trust of Vera’s gifted LVNP which has been egregiously despoiled by Vera’s chosen inoperative land Trustee and take over boob Charity fiduciaries but 'winked at’ by the Court and local bureaucracies. Vera’s private residence property was topped by her-up-to-internationally-acclaimed-John-Yeon-architecturally-significant-Vietor’s home. Yeon’s treasure with special landscaping was created to great acclaim in 1941 just before WW II’s Pearl Harbor. Vera‘s will some 30 years on converted her architectural-treasure-home site into the 14.3 acre LVNP 1972 gift to the Public in Trust to then have it illegally despoiled by her own created but taken over by boobs (Vera’s word) Charity et al a generation later.
The Vietor home in the LVNP was frosting on Vera’s cake or an additional significant gift to already seed money to start her and Lynn’s regional Charity. One was a unique property the other the liquid cash to create, fund an ongoing community charitable Foundation a then 1972 fairly new concept in the Northern California boonies. Vera’s main intent was to have her Vietor’s unique property protected in Trust to be shared with the Public and its future generations. To University of Oregon School of Architecture as guardians of architect John Yeon’s other masterpieces stated Vera’s home site gift was a deserving candidate for National Heritage or Historic Site status having been shown at the NY Museum of Modern Art photographically in the early 1940s plus having been featured in most of the home-and-garden magazines of the day. It was something special this Vietor’s architectural masterpiece residence on the mostly redwood tree covered dome hill with terrific Humboldt N Bay view. Vera’s will’s named 'watchdogs’ discovered the 1995 breach of Trust via gross LVNP despoliation in 1996.
That is occurring some 24 years later soon after the LVNP in Trust or John Yeon’s landscaped Vietor residence was needlessly despoiled in 1995 to convert Yeon’s treasure into what might be described as a warehouse like bullpen-office by Vera’s resident-on-site charitable Foundation plus major John Yeon’s landscaping was asphalted over for their guest parking. Who says it was breach? Vera as the gift giver was very explicit in her will in which she stated: “It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to leave this beautiful real property in its native and unspoiled condition, and it is my direction that the real property, and all of it, shall be open to members of the public to use and enjoy subject to reasonable regulations to be prescribed by the Governing Board of the Foundation. I direct that the property shall not be despoiled by picnic tables, barbecue pits, swimming pools, or like improvements usually associated with public parks. Should the letter and spirit of these provisions be breached at any future time this trust shall be terminated and shall then vest in the then living issue of HENRY W. PERROTT by right of representation”. But Vera’s “dying widow’s deathbed will” was Court, et al ingnored.
Vera next stated: “I further request that a suitable granite boulder be obtained on which shall be mounted a brass plaque with the following words inscribed thereon: “This park was given in memory of LYNN A VIETOR (September 1897-April 1972 by his wife VERA PERROTT VIETOR.” What was with Vera’s plaque as stated in her death bed will days before she died at age 71? It was all about Vera’s vast rich pioneer roots, previously earned plaques. This book is about family roots so details are in order. Vera’s grandfather Humboldt pioneer William Perrott’s redwood grove gift to California Redwoods State Parks resulted in such a bolder, plaque a mile S of Weott to memorialize his gift of since 1911 PERROTT GROVE a virgin redwood timber grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park guardianship as part of what is now post-1966 Avenue of the Giants (see net search) in southern Humboldt of gifted to State Park private redwood groves. Vera’s aunt 2nd generation Laura Perrott Mahan has such a granite-boulder plaque to commemorate her green cause 'save the redwoods’ sagas all page 30(3p).
Laura’s Perrott Mahan’s save-the-redwood activities resulted in rescuing in 1924 then later the creation of now Rockefeller Forest State Redwood Park at Dyerville a mile N of Weott. That’s where Vera’s aunt Laura stood in the line of fall of a giant redwood tree to stop loggers falling it. Laura was credited with saving that now Redwood State Park. In 1972 then came Vera’s 14.3 acre LVNP homesite gift in Trust to the Public with its architectural treasure John Yeon Vietor residence which was all in Vera’s tree hugger 3rd generation DNA or genes. Vera was a third-in-a-row Perrott family tree hugger. Vera’s 14.3 acre LVNP gift was redwoods forest as one of the larger surviving redwood stands in the now Eureka-Arcata urban areas. Vera’s 1972 charitable acts deserved a well-earned similar 3rd generation Perrott family plaque. But not the despoliation of Vera’s LVNP gift that her defunct SF Trust bank, illegal takeover charitable fiduciaries submitted it to in this saga. Let’s see how UC Berkeley school teacher before marriage got to this 1972-dying-widow-death-bed-will situation. Vera had no children of her own leading to Vera essentially semi-adopting us five 4th generation Humboldt Perrotts, Vera’s nieces and nephews.
She helped guide us through our growing up stages or what she called our “Going up Jackass Hill years.” In our Humboldt family’s 1st three generations there was a strong willed Perrott woman. Vera was it in the Perrott’s 3rd generation as its only woman via creating, funding her local Charity, sharing with future generations her Public’s in Trust LVNP site in her 1972 will. In our youth Vera introduced us to our family history or roots. That’s which we only came to appreciate many mature now more understanding (or more curious) years later. This was one of my several incentives to write the roots portion of this book for my future Perrott kin who lack an Aunt Vera’s mentoring. That’s to teach them of their historical roots as we 4th generation had been briefed. Our first generation’s strong woman was Sarah Jane Van Duzer Perrott (1845-1937). She came West by covered wagon in 1848 at age three. Her family took the NW trail to Oregon after wintering in Utah then by ship S to Humboldt Bay when its 1850 discovery was announced. There the Van Duzer’s homesteaded in the Eel River Valley six miles from the Pacific coast on the outskirts of later 1883 to-be-the-rail-town of Loleta. She married William Perrott at age 19 in the SF Bay area, enticed him N to establish Perrott ranch on Table Bluff overlooking the Eel River S, Humboldt Bay N. She came west by covered wagon at three, strong lady of our first Humboldt pioneer Perrott generation.

She had three children, oldest William Henry to be the 2nd generation Table Bluff ranch operator. Her second child was strong lady Laura the internationally known save-the-redwoods gal. Luella her third child was murdered on the ranch as a teenager in a lover’s squabble. Sarah Jane outlived all three of her children. Laura created Humboldt Woman’s Save the Redwood League (HWSTRL) in 1919. That was a year after Save The Redwood League in San Francisco still today was created. Laura Perrott Mahan personally stopped Pacific Lumber loggers from felling a redwood tree in 1924 to save now international tourist destination Rockefeller Forest Redwood State Park. Vera was the 3rd generation’s strong Humboldt Perrott woman. Vera could have written a very interesting early-family-roots book. Rather she created and left her Humboldt community Charity and 14.3 acre Public’s in Trust LVNP as her lasting legacy (or so she hoped). Green causes--as saving redwoods--was inherited in Vera’s DNA or roots. All this Humboldt family roots history was in her head as Vera dictated her 1972 deathbed will to create her 1972 LVNP (with plaque). Vera introduced us 4th generation to Laura’s bronze plaque on a granite rock.
That’s commemorating Laura’s save-the-redwoods act. Vera also showed us her grandfather’s 1911 gift or plaque two miles S of Laura’s and husband JP’s 1924 redwood grove saving act found within what was thus spared as Rockefeller Redwood Forest Humboldt State Park for future generations to remind us who we were and where we came from in Humboldt pioneering history and our French Huguenot earlier roots. It is a shame Vera didn’t write a more knowledgeable history than this belated attempt by a nonliterary type, rather a hard-nosed-international-construction pipeliner by career. But Vera’s charitable actions speak louder than unpublished historical records the despoliation of which gifts is an unappreciated travesty. In her generation Vera was brought up engrained as a redwoods, wildlife, Mother Nature ecosystems aficionado as a bird-loving-tree-hugger. It was in her genes or DNA to have created her LVNP. Vera was a dedicated bird watcher or near pro class ornithologist during her lifetime. Vera married Lynn Vietor (1897-1972) Stanford University graduate engineer. Lynn inherited his father’s Eureka business which Lynn upgraded to become the Eureka Foundry and Boiler Works to service Humboldt’s logging industry’s peak years with his projects stretching from SF to Portland Oregon. They two created what was to be Vera’s 14.3 acre LVNP public gift with significant model architectural home 1972 gift. How did this 14.3 acre Indianola LVNP site come about?
In the late 1930’s the Vietor couple were living in a modest F Street home in Eureka. It was a few doors from where Lynn’s widowed mother lived, where Lynn had grown up. Then Lynn and Vera decided to build a more special out-of-town-country-Humboldt-Bay-view home closer to nature with Vera having grown up on the exceptional-ocean-view Table Bluff Loleta Perrott ranch. Their criterion, it was to be in the Humboldt Bay area vs. to the more southern family ranch Eel River valley view option as Lynn’s business was in Eureka on Humboldt Bay. Their search was between N looking Table Bluff to Arcata with a Humboldt Bay view. They had scouted several exceptional secluded view sites. Lynn was big working with lumber concerns outfitting their saw mills with mechanical engineered needs in his N of CA thru S of OR turf. Lynn was in Portland on business in 1940. He discovered the works of young but acclaimed Portland architect John Yeon. Yeon’s Oregon lumber man Watzek’s residence in 1937 had gained Yeon’s international fame for his off-the-charts new 'open’ style, how he incorporated his building into the view sites using local wood, all manner of new fresh innovations with landscaping more than just after thought decorations or trimmings.
John Yeon’s Waztek residence with the stir created in Portland, nationally and internationally attracted Lynn to visit Yeon’s Portland Columbia River view lumberman Watzek’s home. Then Lynn was introduced to Yeon by fellow lumber industry man Waztek. Lynn approached Yeon to be the Vietor’s architect. Vera and Lynn were looking for a more than run-of-the-mill Humboldt home site. Yeon was someone who could do such a site justice by producing an exceptional residence on their chosen view site. But Yeon wasn’t very enthusiastic to Lynn’s entreaties as Yeon was busy in the Portland region. Eureka was in the remote northern California boonies to a becoming-internationally-famous-big-city-Portland-architect Yeon. Eureka was too far away a day or more drive S one way. But Lynn was not easily put off. Yeon finally compromised. He said “Okay I will come down to Eureka. You show me your three best building sites. But only if I am really turned on by one will I agree to be your architect.” Yeon was not interested in wasting his talent on a run-of-the-mill home site. It was pre-Pearl Harbor 1941 days. John Yeon travelled S where he fell in love with the Vietor’s proposed Indianola 14.3 acre knob hill redwood covered site with Humboldt Bay view.
It was a towering redwood tree covered secluded steep knob hill property with stunning-hilltop-Humboldt-Bay view S and W of N Humboldt Bay with the bay’s E shore parallel to US Highway 101 a quarter mile away W midway between Eureka S and Arcata N. The Vietor site was 10 minutes from Lynn’s business on Eureka’s Humboldt Bay front. John Yeon proceeded to do his first only such project S in California. First Yeon got familiar with the Vietor’s hill top site by camping out on it overnights to appreciate its virtues, idiosyncrasies at different times of day or sun and shade plus wind directions. Yeon drew an architectural plan but then remained on site to personally direct building using local craftsman essentially as its project-manager-architect-cum-building contractor. Then he added landscaping to further blend the home into Nature. That was especially to the secluded N and E redwood forest importing oak, dogwood, buck berry trees and flowering bushes per his “blend the house into Nature” mantra to complement the property’s existing towering old redwoods. John Yeon produced a stunner! It was functional vs. having a decorated or ginger bread exterior. It was open with lots of floor to ceiling glass especially for the S and W bay views. The Vietor home was a states wide and international smash hit.
It was to be featured in most national some international home-and-garden-type magazines of the era. Plus it was featured via photos along with three-other-John-Yeon-architectural masterpieces at an exposition at the New York Museum Of Modern Art alongside Frank Lloyd Wright’s works in the early 1940s. A problem with this was Vera was driven crazy by gawkers. They came busting up her steep private driveway to see her abode. Vera was not into notoriety, rather a more cloistered reclusive type not into crowds. She liked her serene-redwood-forest-private-nature site with its botanical riches, wildlife and especially birds which she fed big time to attract. Deer found the 14.3 acres their safe haven to bed down at night. Raccoons, squirrels and skunks came for Vera’s handouts. That’s at her Mother Nature’s haven which she gifted to the Public in Trust with its John Yeon classic house on top when she died in 1972. In April 1972 or 30 plus year into their John Yeon home Lynn was taken into a Eureka hospital for a prostate operation. He died on the operating table. Vera was a health nut but she had one unhealthy habit of smoking Lucky Strikes! Her price was she died of lung failure via what is called emphysema.

Her reward was emphysema. Vera was four years Lynn’s junior. When Lynn died Vera herself was only weeks from dying herself. Vera was always into nature, the outdoors. She disliked dealing with lawyers or accountants. She was arm’s length to disdainful of local high society or alternately run-of-the-mill pretentious boobs. Her 14.3 acres was her cloistered hideout, a haven for all manner of wildlife, birds galore which Vera fed, communicated with as her friends or quasi pets. Eureka’s top-ritzy-by-invitation-only-social Ingomar Club invited the Vietors to join. Sociable Lynn was all right with it. Vera’s reaction was no way. She’d have “No part of those gossipy social climbers.” In prior years the Vietors had discussed what to do charitably with their mostly Lynn’s but combined fortunes. But that was especially what to do with their 14.3 acre private-nothing-like-it-in-Humboldt-county-breathtaking home site topped off by the internationally acclaimed John Yeon designed home and its significant landscaping blending into the redwood forest all located on its knob-hill-bay-view-redwood-covered-private-nature preserve to be post-1972 LVNP. Lynn earlier leaned to giving his money to his alma mater Stanford. But then the Stanford 60s student anti-Viet Nam war demonstrations turned Lynn off on giving money to Stanford.

He had an ongoing open file of his discussion with a Eureka lawyer who was dealing with Lynn’s mother’s estate toward the merits of creating a Northern California Redwood Empire regional community charitable Foundation to benefit his Humboldt County region. Nothing such then existed or only a few small satellite offices for big national charities as Red Cross, United Way, Cancer Society, etc. When Lynn died they both had only wills giving everything to the other. That’s due to procrastinating with too-little-too-late estate planning. Now Vera had to make a new will! Lynn’s mother’s estate’s lawyer had worked on the community foundation idea. Thus a SF Trust bank knew of the possibility of the smell of money or a significant Vietor Trust account. When Lynn died that big unnamed SF Trust bank opened up a small branch Trust office in remote Eureka 300 miles N of their SF HQ. Their pitch was to create a local charitable Foundation to receive funds interest only off a Vietor funded Principle Trust for charitable gifts. It should attract other regional donors to become a local institution which it did. Vera had family bucks too. The first generation Perrotts had successfully created, run Table Bluff ranch in Loleta. 1st generation William Perrott acquired significant redwood timber properties. His timber holdings stretched from N on the Klamath River region in Del Norte County to Grasshopper Mountain in the Weott near Forest Lodge S Humboldt region.

Family timber properties post 1934 by the 1970s were half owned by Vera, half by her brother Henry. Vera’s five Perrott nieces, nephews were her will’s named 'watchdogs’, alternate inheritors if Vera’ will or Trust was breached. HWP’s 1970s estate planning found property taxes on unharvested timber was escalating rapidly after a century of no timber income to now face forced timber asset sales. Lynn sold his Foundry and Boiler Works in the 1960’s. He was fed up with growing problems of unionism and bureaucratic government interferences. By then Humboldt’s lumbering boom had peaked and was going into decline. Retired Lynn was credited by many with now being “Humboldt’s most well-read man” of nonfiction like history, heavier subjects. Lynn was an avid outdoorsman, nature loving sort. Lynn and Vera plus our dad in our grammar school days would annually camp out with us on the Klamath River well upstream E by boat from US Highway 101 on their favorite fishing riffle’s river bar like Green’s or Blake’s. Lynn and Vera had a weekend cabin at Klamath Glenn. Their cabin was just off Highway 101 on the Klamath River. Plus there was the Perrott clan Forest Lodge on the Eel River’s South Fork near Weott. Our 3rd generation clan’s members were all elite fly fisherman.
Our kin waded swift riffles with chest high rubber waders fly fishing. They distained those fishermen who sped up and down the Klamath River in noisy power boats casting lures out then reeling them back in from boat or bank. That’s what Vera called “Those damn plunkers.” Uncle Lynn and our dad HWP did a fishing trip to the hot-fly-fishing Kispiox River in British Columbia in 1956. HWP caught the largest steelhead on a fly for the year. Pop’s fish featured in Field and Stream magazine’s annual 1956 contest issue which I read in my 1957 Pensacola FL US Navy flight training days. The Vietors were into horses. They built a horse barn in 1941 on their property. Post-horse days it became Lynn’s office where he hung out to read after selling his business giving Vera full reign as queen of their John Yeon castle nest. What of Vera’s lack of a valid will vis-à-vis her precarious health when Lynn died? If she did nothing her plus Lynn’s estate would go to HWP as Vera’s brother or closest next of kin. Vera’s estate was in the $5 million range without her 14.3 acre property to be made a Public nature preserve in Trust.
That’s back when a first class postage stamp was six cents or now in 2015 is 49 cents. Via my US postage stamp inflation gauge Vera’s estate was $5 million or 49/6=8.2 x $5 million=$41 million today’s order of magnitude in today’s lost-buying-value-to-inflation dollars. It was big money in Humboldt or so the SF trust bank thought. Mourning Lynn’s death Vera was ill herself so what to do? Psychologically Vera’s then to do list was just two things or (1) produce a valid will to protect her 14.3 acres private nature preserve and create Lynn’s local Charity and then (2) die to join Lynn. That was it! Vera was astute, sagacious. She was long on grew-up-on-the-family-ranch experience and common sense. She was a U of Cal Berkeley grad well versed on the world but somewhat cloistered on her nature preserve. She did little shopping ordering out of mail order catalogues except for groceries. Vera didn’t like contact with a largely boob public. She despised dealing with bankers, lawyers, accountants or salesmen. She disliked social climbers, gossips, blowhards, boobs, pompous sorts or gawkers still wanting to see her John Yeon landscaped house they’d seen in magazines! So Lynn had dealt with all legal, business and financial affairs. Vera was confused or unsure what to do. She then bit the bullet.
She let Lynn’s mother’s estate lawyer in her house. Vera’s neighbor, close friend Dolly Coffelt was there to report “The circling vulture out of town Trust bank rep plus Lynn’s mother’s Eureka lawyer were there.” It was a lawyer’s house call by strangers to Vera who she’d never met nor dealt with either of before. Vera created her will orally after no prior outside legal discussions, such activities previously dealt with by Lynn. Vera was by then mostly bed ridden with a nurse in attendance. Vera’s trusted-nearby-in-walking-distance-neighbor Dolly witnessed this meeting. That is which meeting Vera referred to as “with those vultures.” Vera had learned from youthful ranch days that circling vultures meant sick or dead livestock! She knew she’d no time to waste! The local lawyer and SF bank rep pushed their community charitable foundation in trust concept for Lynn’s, now Vera’s money. It was too late for Vera to resist, or to investigate other avenues, competing offers as she knew her days were limited. They noted Vera’s input as to creating her public Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve (LVNP), what to do with the Vietor’s historic residence or her to be created 14.3 acre Public’s LVNP surrounding the Yeon jewel.

It was a rushed-dying-widow’s-death-bed will with many complex unresolved issues. Vera wanted her 14.3-acre-dome-redwood-hill-John Yeon-landscaped treasure protected by the SF bank in Trust, not something that an out of town SF bank was interested in or capable of. But as a bank they wanted control of Vera’s money in Vera’s created community charitable Principle Trust. This was their primary business so they tacitly went along with involvement in Vera’s quid pro quo bank nature preserve safeguarding task as LVNP absentee land Trustees which eventually turned out to be a bait-then-switch rip-off by her chosen Trust bank via their spiking her will and then ongoing chicanery. There were too many details not addressed in this one-only-first-last bank’s meeting with bank concerned Vera might die before they got control of her estate and money. Their Foundation deal, the SF bank controlled the money; the charity got ONLY the interest off that money for their charitable operations. The Eureka lawyer visited early next day with his secretary on 3 May 1972 with Vera’s eight page overnight will which she signed without close inspection. She’d made her deal with the devil or SF bank. In Vera’s quid-pro-quo the bank got her charitable Principle money in Trust. That’s for being land Trustee or guardians of her Lynn Vietor Nature
Preserve (LVNP) creation. In Vera’s mind the SF bank was now obliged to protect her creation. Her cherished
Her cherished Public’s LVNP with John Yeon residence her will had created and Lynn got his Charity. For Vera her
chosen Trust Bank wasn’t just to get her money, return S with their loot. Little did she know of a Machiavelian
character filled saga that was to evolve then chicanery to surface after 20 years on.
A problem was who was to live in or maintain the Vietor or John Yeon residence? Did Vera or the bank come up with the idea of letting Vera’s Foundation reside there vs. off site? It worked for some 18 plus years but left a door open to later charity chicanery in surreptitious, egregious despoiling of Vera’s Public’s in trust LVNP, especially her John Yeon treasure , much more. The 1st LVNP 1995 despoliation was a result of Vera’s (resident in LVNP) Charity’s illegal gone amok post-1992 stage. This self-serving expansion within Vera’s “keep it native, unspoiled for future generations” LVNP gift was with Court-bureaucracy-crony-conflict-of-interest collusion, chicanery 20 years on. LVNP despoliation was all delayed 23 years then illegally, surreptitiously, clandestinely sprung on the N coast Public beneficiaries in Trust of Vera’s 14.3 acre LVNP with Yeon architectural jewel. With the benefit of hindsight Vera’s heirs can now say the Charity should never been allowed on site. You don’t run charities out of public nature preserves attracting a wrong type of traffic. Nor should a SF bank been made a simplistic Trustee of the 14.3 acre LVNP property. All the Bank wanted was that Vietor money, it was too far away, not fit for LVNP trustee duty. .
What if Vera had gone to her architect friend John Yeon for help on choosing a bona fide land Trustee? That’s as U of Oregon School of Architecture to whom Yeon’s will later gave his other green nature preserve treasures. Or to Humboldt State University or California State Redwood Parks (more below)? That’s Vera’s will made her SF Trust bank her LVNP land Trustee but created a SF bank’s thorn. Vera added a clause that her nurtured-for-30 years-14.3-acre LVNP plus John Yeon designed residence, landscaping had to be safeguarded in Vera’s words as strictly native-and-unspoiled. “Don’t even add a picnic table or barbecue pit” or her Trust was thus unequivocally breached, revoked. Then her charitable Trust money, her LVNP were to simply be Court Rule of Law awarded to Vera’s Perrott watchdog family heirs (five nieces and nephews) who worshiped their Aunt Vera, family roots teacher who chastised us for occasionally “still going up Jackass hill.” She admonished us when we got out of line or “too big for our britches.” But for the SF bank Vera’s 'estate’ which they had won now had a too-easy-Vera escape-clause thorn. For Vera’s created Charity was housed on site as a third party. Vera’s Charity could, then did eventually breach Vera’s will and Trust. Vera died on 21 June, longest day on 1972.
That’s seven weeks after signing her flawed, bank spiked (below) will. Unfortunately Vera didn’t have any independent legal guru, family or friend review her will before or after signing it while she was still alive, could amend it. But Vera had crossed her will off her to do list but a several million dollar estate’s will with strange bankers? It was a no-no as letting her Trust bank name themselves as Vera’s SOLE estate Executor. Thus she now had no legal checks or balances, invited conflict of interest legal chicanery which was coming down the pike eventually or not recommended for such a multi-million-dollar estate, what turned out to be a widow vs. criminal SF Trust Bank. Nor via a less than 24-hour-will-creating-cycle-by-a-dying-widow’s-death-bed will with strangers creating a brand new substantial community Charitable Foundation, 14.3 acre Public’s (in Trust) LVNP including the John Yeon NY Museum of Modern Art class home. Vera’s will made cash bequests to close family.
Then gifts to Lynn’s relatives in Michigan, one grant to family outsider, Vera’s neighbor Dolly. Vera’s will also created her family University Educational Trust Fund. Vera’s Ed Fund was for her 5th generation grand nieces, nephews, eventually 11 with a $300,000 Education Principle amount to her same SF Trust bank as investors and Trustees. Vera’s aunt Laura had left a like trust for us 4th generation Perrott’s education.
But Vera’s heirs or students only got interest off Principal income for education while the bank self-servingly allowed themselves access to both Principle and interest for a big Bah Humbug! All she and Lynn’s other liquid assets were then given in Trust to her SF bank to create, fund her charitable Principle Trust with interest only going to Vera’s or Lynn’s community charity Foundation. Vera’s SF bank had to create a Trust document of how Vera’s significant Charity was to be organized, run for an eventual 42 page document. Vera’s eight page will signed the next day after the SF bank’s, Eureka lawyer’s previous day’s only house Vera’s death bed visit. Vera’s signed will states “The Foundation has been created by a Declaration of Trust EXECUTED by me this date and has been funded…..” But that Declaration of Trust document she never ever saw! No copy of that now 42 page Charity’s DECLARATION OF TRUST document or rule of the road ever surfaced signed by Vera for Vera’s newly created Lynn’s community Charity. Why did Vera NEVER sign an original copy of the 3 May 1972 Decoration as stated in her will? That’s then or ever later? It’s in the category of bank chicanery. She died on 21 June 1972 seven weeks later. The first bank signed copy of Vera’s Trust Declaration document was two months and 10 days after she signed her will. The critical document was never seen by Vera living seven weeks.

That’s after signing her will. Thus her signed will that claimed the document was included was not seen by her or by any third party consultant advising her of any flaws in her will before she died. This was fiduciary bank fraud. But there was much more that came out of the woodwork up to a generation later. Why didn’t Vera’s Trust bank get Vera to sign the Trust document later? It was planned intent. The TRUST DECLARATION document of record is first signed by her trust bank representative et al on 13 July 1972 or 10 weeks after Vera never saw or signed it. That first signed copy now in Vera’s Courthouse estate file was dated three plus weeks after Vera had died! So what happened for two plus months? Something was rotten in Denmark? But this was tame as to what would eventually come out near a generation later. Here was the joker in the deck. Vera’s will let her charitable creation use her John Yeon residence inside her now created 14.3 acre LVNP. But that’s with the far away (300 Mi) SF Trust bank obliged to guard it all including the significant residence strictly native and unspoiled as absentee land Trustees from their distant SF HQ. Vera’s SF Trust Bank abandoned its Eureka regional Trust office to return to SF once they had Vera’s estate! Vera was very concerned that her private nature preserve, now the Public’s (in Trust) LVNP was to be safeguarded native and unspoiled. That’s strict and simple as per Vera’s unequivocal will. Vera stated that adding one picnic table or barbecue pit was Vera’s criterion for despoliation that constituted breach of Vera’s will and Trust! Vera’s remedy, her LVNP and Charitable Principle money to be taken back under breach.
That’s given to her alternate inheritors, her nieces , nephews by simple Rule of Law. Vera’s will, Trust breach clause scared hell out of her SF bankers! Vera’s will unequivocally mandated breach of Trust meant the Public (SF bank) lost all of her Principle Trust money, the LVNP site. Both were to be taken back by simple Court order to vest in, be awarded to Vera’s five niece, nephew watchdogs. That was it, the end of Vera’s charitable gift story. We were thus her alternate recipients or inheritors thus came to be called Vera’s estate’s 'watchdogs’. This gave us five 'legal standing’ or right to appear in court to question affairs of Vera’s 1972 will or estate. We should have been on distribution of Vera’s estate’s activities, legal correspondence but were not for more subjective SF bank chicanery. We never ever saw anything over the years. To the bank we were their Vera’s will named or identified enemy. They were against us because of the checks-and-balance-watchdog power Vera gave us. The SF bank was anti-Vera’s will, Vera’s intent. Vera idea was a simple Charity giving to the needy. This entailed Vera’s assets in a a $5 million Principle range held by her SF Bank. Only income of it went to her Charitable Foundation.
Vera’s Principle was later reduced by an in-family timber will contest, income taxes, administrative costs etc. There had to be an actual Declaration of Trust document of how to carry out creating Vera’s Charity, how Vera’s community charity Foundation was to operate, be governed by a governing board by whom, how they were to be chosen. The belated 42 page document Vera never saw. Vera’s bank made themselves her SOLE Executor. If they’d shown Vera the Trust Document she might have shown it to a legal guru. Best leave the legal mess they had created out of sight, out of mind until Vera died. As sole Executors the Bank had authority or means-methods to cover their tracks to produce the belated document. That’s to then claim Vera had seen it as she had been duped to say so in signing her will. This was blatant fiduciary chicanery by a greedy self-serving SF bank taking advantage of a dying widow on her death bed. It was like the Serengeti where a lion or hyena singles out the most wounded prey for its next easy meal. Vera signed a pretyped first, only draft of her will with no needed corrections. Vera’s `overnight’ will had only her signature, that of a witness. She saw only her quickie next day eight page will.
But she never saw the referred to 42 page charitable Foundation Trust Document? The bank’s intent was clearer a generation later when documents out of Vera’s Courthouse estate file surfaced for Vera’s watchdogs to see for the first time. Like Vera’s will was spiked via a Rule Against Perpetuities clause intentional flaw (below) which Vera wouldn’t recognize but any lawyer would know was there to void or weaken Vera’s will’s breach clause that scared the Trust Bank. Vera was shanghaied into executing her not yet even existing Trust Document in her death-bed-overnight-will-signing by her fiduciary bank 'saviors’ or what she called more correctly as 'vultures’. Another no-no (mentioned above) was Vera signed what was typed stating “I hereby nominate an appoint named bank to act as the SOLE Executor of this my last will and testament.” Her will probate process was to go on for five years up to a final 1977 distribution report without any none prejudiced third party involvement or checks and balances. That is delay for her Executor, her bureaucratic big SF bank to sell off Vera’s and Lynn’s real estate like assets.
Anyone with legal training and experience will surely agree there was a potential conflict of interest here. Especially with the size of Vera’s estate, the rapidity of her overnight-no-review will production with no expert third party’s pre-signing review or advice for a red flag of potential conflict of interest or other chicanery.
Vera should have better added the checks and balances of a normal independent Executor vs. her conflict of interest SF bank. Who? Like her brother, oldest nephew RWP at age 42, her close friend, cousin her age John Van Duzer a professor at Humboldt State, or John Yeon as a friend and associate with her same interests in her (his) significant residence, any environmentalist personally interested in her Public LVNP. Cloistered Vera had no relationship with an accountant, banker, investment adviser, broker with Lynn gone. But she had her loving family? Anybody who read Vera’s will then went back to reread again its pertinent section would know the part of her will Vera had dictated in her distinctive voice. That’s which stated her real concerns, her directions having created her 14.3 acre Public’s in Trust LVNP. In Vera’s voice “It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to leave this beautiful real property in its native and unspoiled condition.”
Then this was Vera talking “I direct that the property shall not be despoiled by picnic tables, barbecue pits, swimming pools, or like improvements” and “Should the letter or spirit of these provisions be breached at any future time, this trust shall be terminated and shall vest in the then living issue of HENRY W PERROTT by right of representation.” That is Vera’s breach protection clause of what constituted breach as any minor despoliation of her LVNP then what to do about it as take it all back, give it to Vera’s five watchdog nieces and nephews. She knew we would put it right, achieve what she most wanted, a safeguarded “native and unspoiled for future generations” LVNP and John Yeon treasure residence. Could Vera have been any clearer? Did Vera read anything but her clauses before signing to then put her faith in her bank and the Rule of Law? Vera’s chosen SF bank had Vera’s money but despised Vera’s protect LVNP breach clause. How much so? During Vera’s will probate process, Perrott family (HWP) timber contest process Vera’s bank addressed Vera’s watchdogs all of legal age via a written offer of $15,000 to each of we five watchdogs to renounce, annul Vera’s breach clause in her family watchdogs favor. Copies of these unsigned by us or rejected documents are in Vera’s Courthouse estate file.

Vera’s watchdogs refused to sign to rescind our five’s Vera-given-legal-rights-under breach, showing blatant, bad smelling SF bank intent. We wouldn’t be bought off by Vera’s bank to foil Vera’s clear intent. Their blatant offer shows what the bank was up to in their foil-Vera’s-will-damage-control efforts. We watchdogs would never change Vera’s will to annul her “keep it native and unspoiled” intent in her specific breach protection clause of her will and Trust. However we weren’t lawyers enough then to know about 'standing’ or that if we had taken their bribe the crucial hidden legal fact was we would have thus surrendered our 'standing’ or legal right to appear in court as Vera’s watchdogs to protect her LVNP creation under Rule of Law. So later as Executors in their final annual distribution report (1977) the bank fraudulently, illegally rewrote Vera’s will. The bank produced an amended Vera’s will to leave Vera’s breach clause out—what they couldn’t bribe us to annul. Vera’s bank during the 1974 timber will contest also tried to get our Dad to annul Vera’s breach clause but we were all of legal age. So the SF bank again showed their filthy hand, desperation. But in Vera’s Courthouse estate file is HWP’s unsigned copy of Vera’s SF banks attempted chicanery. When did we find out? It was 24 years later when this 1977 final bank report flimflam (Vera’s rewritten bogus will) was used to rescind Vera’s watch dogs standing after we’d had in-Court standing for two years in 1999 thru 2001.
See the details of the acronym 1977FDFAVW (below). That’s with us Vera’s watchdogs-only trying to get a Court restraining order to stop further LVNP despoliation, not claiming breach per se, not asking the Court for Vera’s full Will and Breach stipulated solution, or the Bank (Charity) losing Vera’s Principle funding, the regional Public the LVNP real estate (in Trust). That was to stop the post 1999 second Charity’s major LVNP destruction. Vera’s overnight widow’s death bed will was a travesty of her errors and the SF Trust bank’s rip offs and scams. That’s to be further despoiling of Vera’s LVNP by building a barn like HQ building, asphalt parking lot in Vera’s “keep it native and unspoiled not even a picnic table” 14.3 acre LVNP. That’s after two years of our having had legal standing as plaintiffs in Court. That’s to stop Vera’s gone amok Charity via our requested Court LVNP 'break ground’ restraining order that was per Vera’s real 1972 will. Thus to then in 2001 the off track Charity to be Court allowed to proceed to break ground on the second major Public’s LVNP despoliation which our legal objections did delay two years. Vera’s Bank hated us as Vera’s delegated five watchdogs one of which writes this book. That’s in legal parlance Vera’s breach clause naming us gave Vera’s nominated five watchdogs legal STANDING. It was extreme Court conflict of interest skullduggery that this illegal document the SF banks Vera’s executors 1977-Final-Distibution-fraudulent-abridged-Vera’s-will (1977FDFAVW) was accepted in Court.
That’s over Vera’s signed but ignored will is absolute Court crony chicanery vs. simple Rule of Law. Vera’s will gave us her nieces and nephews the legal right or standing to appear in Court to question breach of Vera’s will to stop any further despoliation of Vera’s LVNP and John Yeon residence. There was Vera’s Charity‘s Principle money Trust for her created Charity then the public’s in Trust LVNP land Trust in legal play for which our legal standing after now two years in 1999-2001 was out of the blue rescinded in flim-flam-illegal chicanery! This was an unusual event, our standing criminally rescinded outside any normal Rule of Law. To explain in layman’s language Vera’s SF bank was Vera’s self-appointed SOLE Executors of Vera’s estate. What did Vera’s SF Bank as Executors do? Vera’s will probate period was from Vera’s death in mid 1972 thru to a Banks’s 1977 Final Distribution Report to the Humboldt Court to finalize Vera’s will probate. The Bank’s final 1977 report substituted their abridged will removing mention of will and Trust breach and we watchdog’s STANDING.

That’s removing all of Vera’s QPQ for having given the Bank her Charity Principle funding money distributions, they removed Vera’s authentic will, substituted a hoax in it place without mention of will and Trust breach and Vera’s watchdogs as alternate inheritors. Because this phoney document was found in Vera’s Courthouse estate file since 1977 some 25 years later it had now aquire authenticy? Under the no rule of law court dealing this was crude slight of hand was Court accepted. That’s Vera’s authentic signed 1972 version of her will which was accepted earlier in 1999 and 2000 proceedings was now flim flam not accepted. A fraudulent Court ruling we no longer had court standing, based on this 25 years ago in Vera’s file criminal Bank substituted Vera’s will we no longer had standing to pursue our cut and dried Rule of Law case. The Humboldt Court had routine jurisdiction over Vera’s estate. That Court accepted the `1977FDFAVW’ pure chicanery! Vera’s SF Bank Executor in her estate probate period 1972 thru 1977 sold, cashed out of Vera’s illiquid assets including real estate to deposit now liquid cash into Vera’s chosen SF bank’s Principle account of Vera’s Charitable Trust Principal, her created Charity to get income only off such Principle cash.
With the Bank’s other blatant chicanery who knows if they pocketed Vietor’s estate proceeds vs. put them in the Trust account along with their other unaudited chicanery? That is for Vera’s will’s created community Charity Foundation to distribute income only off said estate proceeds to the Vietor’s North Coast charitable Foundation. That charitable money to be distributed to deserving Humboldt folks only if any had not been consumed in the by then boob charitable operation costs, overhead of a two decades later overstaffed Charity. When Vera’s estate probate process was finalized five years on Vera’s SF Bank Executor was obliged to make a Final 1977 Distribution Report to the Humboldt Court our (1977FDFAVW) above. In 1977 they took the opportunity to submit an abridged copy of Vera’s will for her signed one. Want to see it? It is in Vera’s Humboldt County Courthouse Estate file open to the public, like a news reporter, whoever as we watchdogs, our lawyer. Recall the SF bank could not bribe, buy us Vera’s watchdogs off earlier. Then we Perrott watchdogs were never on distribution of Vera’s estate correspondence. That is the SF Banks’s attempts to buy we Vera’s watchdogs off to rescind our Vera given standing and alternate inheritors under breach status.
hat’s to cancel out Vera’s will’s strict LVNP anti despoliation breach protection in their 1974 buy-us-off attempts. So they substituted their criminal version of Vera will in 1977 as an attachment to the final distribution report of the sell off of Vietor assets with a substituted version of Vera’s will unknown to we watchdogs till 25 years later. What Vera’s SF bank then did was on making their final report to the Court they said here’s Vera’s (criminally abridged--1977FDFAVW) will along with here’s what we Executor’s did in five years to sell assets to get Vera’s money into her (our) Bank’s Charity Principle Trust account. That’s to fund the Vietor’s Charitable Foundation with income (only) off that Principal. The 1977 final distribution Court report replaced Vera’s signed will with their CRIMINALLY abridged flim flam substitute to Vera’s real will. What happened we found out a generation later was Vera’s bank substituted in 1977 to Vera’s Courthouse file an ABRIDGED COPY of Vera’s 1977 will that deleted Vera’s breach clause, any mention of we watchdogs legal right under brea.ch to delete our legal standing. This was a fraudulent Vera’s SF bank act as Vera’s sole Executors. It wasn’t legal. But in crony corrupt Humboldt it was a created flimflam to let by then Vera’s sacred cow Charity get away with further 2001 LVNP despoliation over Vera’s watchdog’s Court 'restraining order’ or our requested stop construction order. This chicanery was upheld in SF appeal court by further bought-off-by-crony-corruption chicanery.
In 2001 this criminally-bogus edition of Vera’s will in the Courthouse file was belatedly used as official, though it was obviously fraudulent. So much for Rule of Law! And that’s for some of our Courts. Rather the Court 'winked’, honored or let the 1977 SF Banks fraudulent abridged Vera’s will act stand, to deny Vera’s watchdogs further legal STANDING. That’s after two years of having Court access or standing in 1999-2001 to bar watchdogs from stopping further LVNP despoliation far beyond Vera’s will’s LVNP breach criterions. We later appealed to the CA Supreme Court which only accepts 5% of appeals. This ended Vera’s watchdogs efforts of petitioning the Court(s) for a Rule-of-Law restraining order to stop Vera’s Charity from building a post-1999 unequivocally outlawed HQ building inside Vera’s now Public’s in Trust LVNP. The Court essentially blessed a next despoliation of Vera’s keep-it-native-and-unspoiled LVNP where not even a picnic table was allowed per Vera’s actual signed and witnessed will. Was this Rule of Law to refuse our standing on the basis of the 1977 SF Banks’s fraudulent abridged copy of Vera’s will?
No it was crony chicanery by the Court in crony protection of Vera’s now sacred cow boob Charity’s criminal LVNP despoliation. Henceforth we refer to this ‘1997 Final Distribution Fraudulent Abridged Vera’s Will’ as (1977FDFAVW) by its acronym vs. having to repeat the details of this complex or actually simple like murder, robbery, rape but blatant BANK but Court HONORED chicanery again. This illegal flimflam stopped cold Vera’s watchdogs from getting a REASONABLE restraining order to stop further LVNP despoliation to rather expand offsite. We can only write this all off to the where-there-is-a will-there-is-a-way mantra even if it is fraudulent. Or its corollary often liberal mantra is “Any means justifies the end” or to hell with Rule of Law or Vera’s intent. Vera’s now boob Charity’s Court blessed atrocity was a second self-serving fraudulent major break ground despoliation of Vera’s or the Public’s LVNP by gone-off-the-track Vera’s created now post 1992 run-by-boobs Charity. This was after a first stealth under the radar blatant LVNP massive 1995 despoliation destroyed John Yeons’s treasure by people who would now do anything, as “to hell with Vera, her will, Rule of Law” rather than a better end of Vera’s Charity to simply move off site to expand vs. more despoiling of Vera’s Public’s LVNP!
That’s as given by Charity creator Vera for Lynn’s LVNP for the Public, give them a break! Vera created her Charity with her and Lynn’s gifted money. Why did Vera’s now boob-run Charity destroy Vera’s public LVNP? Try human greed, misguided individuals with self-serving-ego-power-tripping goals for control, illegal misuse of charitable money for illicit crony purposes. Vera’s 1972 choice of SF Trust Bank produced now in retrospect eyebrow raising legal irregularities, blatant chicanery. As in originally drafting of Vera’s overnight deathbed will it was intentionally spiked with “Rule Against Perpetuities” sabotage (below) followed by the 1977FDFAVW Vera’s will rewrite chicanery. Where was the Eureka Court, Rule of Law? Then there was Vera’s SF Bank as land Trustees not stopping the Charity from their post-1992 or 1995 first act of LVNP despoiling by Vera’s two corrupt fiduciaries, SF bank and Vera’s created now post 1992 (off track) boob Humboldt Charity. Vera’s bank resigned in 1994 in favor of Vera’s now boob run Charity as LVNP’s legal protector or LVNP trustee prior to Vera’s now land Trustee-Charity doing the first major LVNP despoliation in 1995. That’s so much for Vera’s SF bank’s death-bed quid pro quo of letting the SF Bank have her Charitable Principle Trust money to then be obliged to protect her LVNP.
Vera’s SF Bank knew of the 1995 despoliation before the fact. They should have blown the whistle on Vera’s now boob-run Charity to avoid what was the breach so her Charitable Principle account would by Rule of Law have gone to Vera’s kin or been lost to the SF Trust bank. They had a big conflict of interest reason to say nothing about the 1995 despoliation. Thus Vera’s now boob run Charity illegally became in 1995 the fox now guarding the hen house or LVNP. Why did Vera’s Charity 20 years on turn against Vera to destroy her cherished LVNP or specifically John Yeon treasure? At Vera’s Charity’s post-1992 a boob (Vera’s word) member of Vera’s Charity’s Board organized a coup d’ etat take over of Vera’s Charity’s ruling board. Then those boobs post 1992 Charity going completely off track, against Vera’s will, LVNP rules which led to the first major despoliation in unlawful 1995 major LVNP despoliation of John Yeon’s designed residence. That is despoiling the John Yeon jewel residence, cutting redwoods, other trees without the Court, or California Attorney Generals knowledge or required approval. Webster’s dictionary definition of Vera’s word boob is: “a simple awkward person, simpleton.” How could a do-good Vera’s Charity post 1992 destroy her LVNP claiming so they could be a better charity? But that’s what they did, without the Court’s official knowledge early on, but with the Courts ‘winked’ at or blessed participation or protection later on. What’s a good charity? One that gives away charitable money with low overhead, not one that destroys a LVNP or Yeon residence to house a gross overhead. No Rule of Law protection for Vera or the Public for their Vera’s LVNP gift to them. Now, the truth be known, Vera chose a sleazy SF bank that then allowed an against-Vera’s-wills-intent takeover of her LVNP by her now boob-run post 1992 Charity two decades on with the Court’s crony connivance or no real help from the crony-no-Rule-of-Law Court. Vera would describe it as “a nest of vipers” or Vera’s Estate’s Bank, Charity, crony Courts. That’s vs. charitable Humboldt Perrott pioneer Vera. Vera gave her estate to Humboldt as a Charity and LVNP. That’s then the nest of vipers intervened strictly contrary to her explicit will and the Rule of Law. We Perrotts first direct early warning of the SF Trust Banks chicanery was seven years out in 1979 or 16 years before the 1995 first LVNP despoliation. Vera’s will’s fifth generation Perrott Education Principal Trust was funded per Vera’s will with a $300,000 Principle Trust, but ONLY INCOME off that Trust was for Perrott student’s education. The SF bank had drafted Vera’s will making themselves her SOLE Executor vs. often a family member or other non-conflict-of-interest individual or vs. a stranger-conflict-of-interest SF squirrely bank. To avert any confusion the SF bank did illegal acts from day one. But Vera’s Charity was good in its early years until its 1992 coup d’ etat despite Vera’s SF bank’s from-day-one corrupt performance. Vera’s overnight-death-bed will in the instance of her Perrott family Education Trust gave the bank access to both Vera’s Education Principle plus any produced Income funds while students were limited to only the income? Bah Humbug.
The bank’s investment policies had to create income for education. \We discovered Vera’s bank feathered their own nest first, basically ignored their fiduciary Trust duties, with no real effort to create income for education. Vera’s SF bank withheld income derived Ed funds to the first Perrott student Steve Perrott requesting an educational divvy in 1978. The bank had armed Vera’s will’s Ed Trust with the words 'deserving students’. The bank could thus subjectively claim that no Perrott student was ever so deserving, thus to never educate anyone or just pay themselves out of Principle or student’s income until the money was gone. Further the bank’s policy not Vera’s intent gave the bank power to decide how much students individually got like “sorry tuition only but no board and room or books.” The bank could keep paying themselves their Trustee’s fee out of Principle, not bother to create any income, which was precisely what was happening. The will document allowed for fiduciary Trust mismanagement, it was too bank self-serving, not at all what Vera intended.
For Vera’s Education Trust we intervened in 1979 when the first Perrott student’s educational request was refused. We queried the bank to find to our dismay they didn’t have a clue how many Perrott students existed or were coming down the pike nor when? The bank generated near no income off Principle for student’s education? That’s income to fund education even as students were restricted to income only to fund university costs. But the bank could dip into either Principle or Income at their sole discretion. The Bank was living off Principle five years on ignoring creating any income. We took Vera’s SF bank to Humboldt Court with jurisdiction over Vera’s estate via my SF lawyer Ed Lawson, my cost from a Bechtel project manager post in a remote Sahara Desert pipeline construction camp in Algeria. Our lawyer Ed Lawson queried Vera’s Trust bank to uncover gross fiduciary nonperformance, chicanery. We had Vera’s Trust Bank in Court a year on in 1979. The Humboldt Court ruled in favor of me as Vera’s Education Trust replacement investor, distributor to end the bank’s fiduciary mismanagement of Vera’s small Ed Trust fund compared to Vera’s big deal Charitable Trust money. That’s with Vera’s same sleazy SF bank or duped other doners who had joined Vera’s Charity.
This gives pause that Vera’s big Charity account is not being run as shoddily? Vera’s watchdogs found out later, not only was their questionable efficiency of Vera’s Trust Bank suspect per Vera’s Ed Trust or in 1999 on we found flimflam in their or Vera’s Charitable Principle Trust income to Vera’s now boob-run Charity claiming unbelievably low overhead costs to dupe the Pubic but their IRS reporting showing real very high cost of giving or overhead. That’s Vera’s charity operation resident in her John Yeon house and LVNP post-1992 coup d’etat was now not only to destroy her LVNP and Yeon residence via the Charity going off track but they were concealing in their annual reports to the public their real cost of giving as atrociously high overhead. But the SF Bank colluded by allowing invasion of Principle to fund 'property maintenance’ which was actually LVNP (Yeon residence) despoliation.Or that’s an euphemism for Vera’s Charity despoiling her John Yeon home, cutting trees in the Public’s LVNP post-1992. This was double barreled Bank chicanery as Vera’s appointed land or LVNP trustees abandoned by Vera’s SF Bank. That’s with Vera’s court estate first allowing LVNP despoliation then allowing invasion of Trust Principle to fund that despoliation while Vera’s Charity was only supposed to get income off Principle to fund the charity. They Vera’s Charity became now in 1994 the bogus land Trustee too.
That’s or criminally invading principle to destroy what they were now illicit land Trustees to protect plus duping the public with high Charity overhead while claiming the exact opposite. Meanwhile Vera’s SF bank was denying Vera’s nephews, nieces Ed money but allowing Vera’s now boob-run Charity to invaded Charitable Principle to fund LVNP despoliation as an illicit conflict of interest or bogus LVNP land Trustees. Why was this SF bank and Vera’s Charity plus crony Court collusion to destroy a NY Museum class John Yeon house and surrounding LVNP allowed? Vera would call it the work of criminal boobs. I call it much worse. That’s the Devil’s intervention. Vera’s now boob-run Charity despoiled her Yeon house to add uncalled for staff or overhead inside Vera’s Public in Trust LVNP to provide desks for them to support their concealed high cost of giving, influence peddeling, noncharitable sideshow vs. moving offsite for their phoney `need to expand’.That’s a self-serving post 1992 now boob pseudo Charity gone amok. That’s while Vera’s same now boob Charity was prevaricating to the public in their annual reports post-1992 with fraudulent low reported overhead cost numbers which were proved bogus by comparison to their actual published charity’s reporting to IRS. Vera’s Charity’s published low overhead numbers are a scam which the regional public would not be inclined to investigate but we did.
Who was Vera’s worst early performer? Early on via Vera’s Perrott Ed Trust travesty was Vera’s SF Trust bank cured in 1979 only for Vera’s Ed Trust by getting them to resign from her small-fish-family Ed Fund. But after 1992 it was Vera’s now takenover boob run Charity fiduciary brazenly destroying Vera’s Public in Trust LVNP but with too often SF Bank and Courts connivance and a rapidly trending to high cost of giving pseudo charitable operation. Post-1992 Vera’s Charity first despoiled in 1995 the LVNP with Yeon house to increase their then lied-about-overhead cost via 12 to 15 added desks (for added overhead employees)? That’s to double dupe the public as a good Charity while destroying that public’s LVNP with the local crony-conflict-of-interest Court covering for Vera’s now boob-run Charity’s chicanery when called on by the culprits to do so. Post 1992 Vera’s SF bank was more often than not aware of, colluding with Vera’s now boob run Charity’s chicanery or Vera’s nest of vipers. That is Vera’s Charity had somewhat taken the SF bank off the hook of risk of losing Vera’s Principle Trust to breach. That’s by replacing the SF Bank as the illicit LVNP land Trustee as Vera’s Charity was planning to despoil Vera’s LVNP in 1995. Birds of a feather flock together? The facts are known to critique Vera’s Trust Bank‘s small fish canary in a coal mine Vietor SF Bank Ed Trust malperformance.
It was funded in 1974 with Vera’s will’s stipulated $300,000 of Principle. How did the bank do? Poorly, they got Ed Principal funding in 1974 after Vera’s estate partial settling. By 1979 five years on the market was strongly up. That’s off the market’s lowest point since 1929 or a 1974 Wall Street low. Stock Market gurus say “buy low, sell high.” The Bank was with Vera’s Ed Trust in a classic good market low-going-up-overall in 74 thru 79? But Vera’s Ed Principal account was down by $58,000 to $242,000 when we took it over at the end of 1979? This was in a rising market? But also meanwhile there was next to no income money generated off Principle despite income only for Ed funds to students. But the benevolent bank was dipping into Principal to pay themselves fees, producing no student income for education or guilty of fiduciary nonperformance. When we watchdogs took Vera’s Ed Fund over in late 1979 my Merrill Lynch broker while I’m in Algeria on a Bechtel project set up separate Principal then Income accounts to focus on harnessing Principle to create educational Income. We sold covered call options on diminished Principle account stocks with gains on options per IRS considered income. We got Vera’s Ed Trust turned around to build up the Income account, got out ahead of Vera’s 5th generation Perrott students becoming university age, accepted to accredited universities.
As now Ed fund investment officer, Trustee, I worked pro bono, never took a dollar out of Vera’s Ed Fund Principal or income. Like NOT reimbursing myself for my legal fees to roll Vera’s SF Bank. We beat the SF Trust Bank’s dismal record which doesn’t speak well for Vera’s chosen same bank’s Charity’s Principle fund? Post 1979 for Vera’s Ed Trust we never drew on any Principal which the SF bank lived off of. As 1979 Court ordered replacement Trustee we had Vera’s now same Trustee’s right to access to either or both Principle or Income but ignored it. By 2000 or Reagan bull market extended thru the seventh Clinton year Vera’s Ed Trust from Income account only distributed $476,000 plus had $32,000 in the income kitty start of 2000. The Principle account was back up to over $300,000. Vera’s Trust now had educated seven young Perrotts. Income only distributions were $332,000 to students, $144,000 to IRS tax on income and gains, CPAs, or reporting to Humboldt Court, etc. I managed this from worldwide construction camps on three overseas continents via my SF Merrill Lynch broker Rich Fowler. That’s with sterling help from the ML SF office.
ML’s Stanford U marine Dick Fowler with lots of-in those days--telexes kept things improving. This compared to Vera’s SF bank’s earlier self-serving next to no educational income produced, while questionable fiduciary-responsibility-performance days. For our family it was a thumbs down experience on Vera’s chosen SF Trust Bank managing Vera’s Ed Trust money vis-à-vis their bigger account of Vera’s Charities Principal fund where Vera’s Charity also only got the income off Principle only. Vera’s bad bank. In my opinion (experience) Vera’s Ed Trust Bank was a rip off. We suspect Vera’s SF Charitable Principle Trust performance is probably similar. Vera’s 1972 signed will but not her 1977FDFAVW fraudulent version said: “My home and the real property mentioned above or 14.3 acre LVNP shall be used in perpetuity (# see below) as a headquarters building and office of the Foundation. Vera continued “It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to leave this beautiful real property in its native and unspoiled condition, and it is my direction that the real property and all of it shall be open to members of the Public to use.” Vera’s will continued: “Enjoy subject to reasonable regulations to be prescribed by the Charity Foundation’s Governing Board.
I direct that the property shall not be despoiled by picnic tables, barbecue pits, swimming pools, or like improvements usually associated with public parks. Should the letter or the spirit of these provisions be breached at any future time, this trust shall be terminated, and shall vest in the then-living issue of HENRY WILLIAM PERROTT, by right of representation.” The underlined portions are essentially what Vera’s SF bank removed in 1977 to illegally abridge Vera’s will in her Courthouse file, see (1977FDFAVW) above. The footnote above: (#) the “in perpetuity” words are a SF banks intentional premeditated spiking of Vera’s overnight-death-bed will in 1972 a criminal act by a sleazy SF Bank. This will spike was used a quarter of a century later to help deny Vera’s watchdogs standing to argue her case in Court as an esoteric legal word that kills contracts or wills. The Rule against Perpetuities (RAP) in # above is little known outside of trained lawyers. Ask any lawyer about RAP. It is illegal to state anything in 'perpetuity’or forever. To state in legal parlance “in perpetuity” voids whatever was so stated. Or Vera’s watchdogs standing was rescinded from some weird double barreled smoky application of Vera’s rewritten will in (1977FDFAVW) above and RAP will spike both illegal sabotaging by Vera’s SF bank of Vera’s will up front or later on the 1977 finale distribution report for Vera’s will rewrite which were winked at by the anti-Vera-crony-conflict-of-interest Courts 25 years later to rescind Vera’s watchdogs standing to kill any further efforts to get a restraining order on Vera’s Charity’s second (2001) major LVNP despoliation.
Note underlines added above as 25 years later Vera’s watchdogs found Vera’s bank sleazy fiduciary Executors had removed in 1977 all the critical or underlined words from Vera’s bank submitted abridged will vs. Vera’s signed, witnessed 1972 real version. But this 1977 flimflam was treated by the Court as Vera’s official will as recorded in the Court house records by Vera’s Executor’s recording Vera’s estate’s Final Distribution (1977) ending probate cycle (see 1977FDFAVW) pg 466 above. So Vera’s the dying rich widow had her will fraudulently 'spiked’ up front overnight, then abridged five years later via (1977FDFAVW) when Vera’s watchdogs did not accept the bank’s bribe offer in between to renounce the subject of the underlines circa 1974 so the SF Bank did it in 1977 in their final distribution documentation in Vera’s estate’s Court File. That’s all “so much for Rule of Law” in the Redwood Empire. The 1977 bank will rewrite was unknown to Vera’s watchdogs for 25 years. (1977FDFAVW) was a complete altering of Vera’s will’s intent via Vera’s Trust bank’s Executor’s fiduciary probate process replacement of Vera’s 1972 signed will from 1977 on with their bogus edition at the Courthouse in Vera’s estate file. Vera’s Charity went into first operation in 1974 with by then available charitable income off available Principle. Then there was an 18 year on in 1992 takeover of Vera’s by then boobs Charity’s Board. In 1992 Vera’s Charity’s Board (boob) Chairman then scrapped thereafter Vera’s 1972 will’s Charitable Trust Document formula for Charity’s Board of Governors selection ignored post 1992.This was all chicanery without the Court’s ‘official’ knowledge or required approval by California’s Attorney General for such as Vera’s charitable Trust Foundation.
This initiated Vera’s now gone amok boob-run charity’s post-1992 with “grown the Foundation” and “rethought mission” mantras or dogma. That’s to from then on blatantly ignored Vera’s will intent rather to despoil the Public’s LVNP especially John Yeon’s treasured edifice’s status when it got in the way of the bogus post-1992 “grow the Foundation” expansion dogma to a then “lying about it” questionable high overhead charitable operation in their annual reports and all. An earlier SF Trust Bank lesser thorn in 1972 was Vera’s bank Executors stripped the Vietor residence of movable furniture, special decorative items as painting, rugs, wall hanging tapestries or statues placed there by John Yeon himself 30 years earlier as part of his architectural treasure. Yeon designed the Vietor house, built it; landscaped it then interior decorated his jewel. Yeon as architect had largely furnished the Vietor residence. What disappeared this way was contributing to the trophy home’s architectural charm or as part of “the letter and spirit” of what Vera intended left guarded “native and unspoiled—all of it”—or Vera’s words in her will. These unique items were sold off by the Bank Executor’s yard-sale fashion. That’s like the vultures or boobs that Vera had dubbed them to be. They added only slightly to the value of Vera’s charity’s Principal Trust but detracted significantly from the John Yeon historical treasure.
That is not what Vera expected out of a big SF Trust Bank for professionalism or fiduciary responsibility; she got instead a money greedy sleazy bunch. In the early 1970s Vera’s watchdog nephew RWP was in the area. Sister Sally was teaching school in Germany. I was on a construction management project in East Africa. Distressed with the bank brother Bill bought considerable of what to us visiting Vera and Lynn over 30 years were architectural or family treasures but to the bank Executor goons or boobs was yard sale material. A major flaw in Vera’s overnight-death-bed will was Vera and our Dad still owned significant 1st Humboldt-Perrott-generation-virgin-redwood-timber property together. Vera had no children or heirs. Vera had promised that her inherited Perrott timber assets would stay in family or not be given away to such as Vera’s or Lynn’s charitable Trust after Perrotts paying property taxes on the unharvested timber for many decades. In her overnight will this major-multi-million-dollar detail was not dealt with. Did Vera deal with it but the bank ignore it in their influence over drafting Vera’s will? With the other Bank chicanery that has to be suspected as a possibility. That’s along with spiking Vera’s will with RAP? Then there was illegally changing Vera’s will in 1977 during the bank’s as Vera’s sole executors final distribution report of cashing out the Vietor estate’s chicanery as SOLE Executors for trust in thieves.

Plus trying to get us to rescind our being LVNP land and Charitable Principle cash beneficiaries under Vera’s version of will and Trust breach. Who will ever know? Vera’s family timber was a big generational roots philosophy known to all “to keep the timber in the family.” Our dad was thunderstruck by Vera’s will not mentioning her half of inherited Perrott family timber. Our dad didn’t discover this until after Vera had died when he finally got a copy of her will. That is Vera’s half of family timber was thus by default given to the Trust bank as assets to go in Vera’s Trust Principle charitable account. HWP’s lawyer contested Vera’s will re Vera’s family timber share. He won so the charity did not get Vera’s timber or Vera’s half of Perrott family 3rd generation timber assets for a 19% reduction of Vera’s otherwise total estate already excluding the 14.3 acre LVNP from what Vera otherwise gifted to her Charity’s Principal account. When the timber contest was settled Vera’s Charity went into operation in late 1974. That’s as Vera’s estate was still being settled, funds released with further sales up to the 1977 final Executor’s annual estate probate accounting report. Then Vera’s estate affairs went along fine for Vera’s Charity’s first 18 years operation up to the 1992 boobs-Charity-coup-d’état going off track illegal unannounced take over.

Lynn’s mother’s lawyer drafted, witnessed Vera’s 1972 overnight will to then die fairly soon after Vera. But not before he joined the Eureka lawyers representing Vera’s SF bank in Eureka courts. That is some degree of conflict of interest? This was a conflict of interest issue that’s with his having done Vera’s spiked with RAP 1972 will. That lawyer’s secretary Ellen Dusick witnessed Vera’s 1972 will signing. When Ellen’s lawyer boss died she knew of, applied for the Vera’s Charity job—was hired--as the full time day-to-day-on-site Executive Director (ED) of Vera’s fledgling Charity reporting to its Board of Governors. She worked out of the charity’s HQ (John Yeon’s architectural treasure Vietor residence) in the Public’s Vera created 14.3 acre LVNP. Vera’s charity’s 42 page Trust Document stipulated a seven member Board of Governors appointed one each by the following: (1) Trust Bank (in SF), (2) Humboldt Board of Supervisors, (3) Presiding Humboldt County Judge, (4) Humboldt Chamber of Commerce, (5) President of Humboldt State University, (6) President of College of the Redwoods and (7) United Way of Humboldt. It’s well to recall that Vera never saw the 42 page document due to Vera’s SF Bank earlier flim flam. I was against the 42 page document’s SF Bank choosing a Charity board member? Why should the SF Bank choose a Vera’s Charity board member in 300 miles S of Humboldt County?
Then (7) was United Way a competing national charity to Vera’s regional community charity? Vera’s nephew RWP should have been chosen a member in place of (1) or (7) for one who knew Vera and appreciated her LVNP history, John Yeon treasures thus would never have allowed the post-1972 Charity and SF bank chicanery. Vera’s Bank hated Vera’s appointed watchdogs like RWP as did Vera’s post 1992 boob Charity. Vera’s charity was originally a fairly-laid-back-plain-vanilla-low-overhead charitable gifting only operation, not into later post-1992 politics, crony influence peddling dogma, overhead expansion. Other seniors joined Vera’s charity as fund contributors to soon establish Vera’s charity as a perceived Humboldt-do-good-sacred-cow-regional Charity. If they only knew the later-to-be viper’s nest they were supporting. By circa 2000 Vera’s personal charitable Principle Trust contribution a quarter century on was up to $10 million while $40 million had been added to charitable Principal by other Humboldters who joined with contributions to Vera’s original Charity with grants from those other Humboldt County folks in a keep-it-in-the-North Coast Humboldt County-neighborly vein, a low overhead REAL charity.

From 1974 on Vera’s charity’s initial Executive Director (ED) Ellen Dusick ran a clean, common sense Charity. It was a very simple grant selecting and distribution operation. She received request for charitable bequests. Quarterly she chose the most needy or worthy requests. She sent out checks limited to available income off the bank’s Principal Trust as available. ED (Executive Director) Ellen had no regular help. That’s just temporary Kelly Girls at quarterly-grant-giving time for a very nice low-cost-of-giving or the public’s actual big-bang-for-a-charitable-buck-commendable operation. Ellen kept the John Yeon house, LVNP strictly as it was as Vera mandated. Our family as passive watchdogs were happy with Vera’s charity’s first 18 Dusick years. Like Ellen stopped anyone from picking LVNP flowers to decorate Vera’s grave under Ellen’s interpretation of Vera’s keep-it-native-and-unspoiled mantra for the 14.3 acre LVNP. Vera would probably have agreed with “Yes leave the flowers on the bushes for everybody to enjoy. I don’t need them wilting on my grave.” Vera was buried in Table Bluff Cemetery of the Perrott ranch. Why weren’t they both buried in their 14.3 acre LVNP site? Then 18 years on at Vera’s Charity’s operation everything changed. In 1992 the new-Vera’s-Charity-boob-run Board Chairman changed things significantly too often outside of protocols as per Vera’s will, like ignoring Vera’s LVNP was to be guarded natural.

Nearly all 1992 on changes were under the radar without Humboldt Court’s knowledge or the required approval of California Attorney General in Sacramento for such charitable operations. The Vietor’s (John Yeon) 1941-as-built plan provided for minimal parking beyond access to the Vietor’s two car garage then little more. But it had served for a first-18-years-charitable-operation-low-overhead-Dusick-well-run operation. The post-first-18-year change led to five (below) related Vera’s created charity’s milestones of significant negative changes. That’s (1) Ellen Dusick had run a squeaky-clean-by-Vera’s-rule-book operation like no picking flowers. She kept the LVNP strictly native and unspoiled per Vera’s mandates. Despite Ellen’s good record or post-1992 boob regime because of it she was terminated. Ellen was replaced (2) in post-1992-boob-era by a new Executive Director (ED). He was there until April 2012 or 20 years to carry out both major destructions of Vera’s LVNP. He was in the middle of the post-1992 LVNP despoiling chicanery, took Vera’s charity from a one person operation or Dusick’s 18 first years thru 1992 to wrecking the John Yeon treasure to shoehorn 12 to 15 workers or desks in post-1995 while prevaricating in annual Charity reports of the Charity’s low cost of giving or low overhead dogma not reflected in same year IRS reports. After significantly despoiling Vera’s residence it was then essentially abandoned for the second LVNP despoiling via a huge office HQ building (now 100 total Charity operations asphalt parking slots) to a 23 person operation by 2012 but still prevaricating in the Charity’s annual report of the Charity’s bogus low overhead.
Real overhead is a main Charity gifting criterion of choosing between competing charities (their overhead vs. charitable gifts of the residue) or efficiency (cost of giving). He led illegal expansion of Vera’s Charity inside Vera’s LVNP ignoring Vera’s criterion of “no picnic table or barbecue pit” despoliation as constituting breach of her will and Trust in the Boob-run charity’s 1995’s first construction-destruction despoliation. Then down the pike came the then second major 2001 LVNP despoliation. Vera’s watchdogs delayed it legally two years 1999 to 2001 until denied further standing via outside of Rule of Law illegal chicanery. But the despoliation was not stopped by the Courts et al per Rule of Law. The post 1992 ED (3) implemented the post-1992 “grow the foundation” or “rethought mission” dogmas (smokescreens) to significantly increase work-space-in-the-LVNP for staff from the Dusick days of only one at’s one increased to 12 to 15 full time employees shoehorned into the despoiled John Yeon treasure residence designed for only two (Lynn and Vera) with one master bedroom, one guest bedroom and 2nd bath. To accomplish this (4) in the first 1995 renovation-expansion DESPOILIATION walls, rooms were removed, an open-outside-eastern-roof-only-outside-open-air-sleeping porch was walled in for more bull-pen-desk spaces. Lynn’s study and the master bedroom were combined (wall removed) to turn into a large 'desk pool’ for more overhead employees. John Yeon’s NE of the residence exquisite landscaping was destroyed.
Yhst’s for 35 asphalt 'paved over’ parking places. The Vietor’s two car garage was made into more high-charitable-overhead-work space. From 1994 (5) previous SF Bank land Trustee (of LVNP) opted out of their Trusteeship. That is their quid pro quo fiduciary duty to Vera in favor of since 1992 going-off-track Vera’s boob-run Charity became LVNP land trustees, a screaming conflict of interest--to then destroy what they were fiduciary land Trustees to protect, destroyed (1995) the LVNP with bulldozers, chain saws, wrecking bars. You readers be the judge. Who could not rule this was well beyond Vera’s “not one picnic table allowed” criterion or that it was a 1992-take-over now boobs-run Charity egregious breach of Vera’s will and Trust in about 15 Court minutes deliberation vs. the Court stalling two years then ruling the opposite rather than outlawing the 1999 (delayed to 2001) second major LVNP major despoliation? But the crony-conflict-of-interest local Court managed not to so rule vs. LVNP despoliation or destruction well beyond the 'letter and spirit’ of Vera’s breach-of-Trust criterion. A fraudulent building permit by Vera’s resident-only now boob-run Charity for a 1995 despoiling building permit by masquerading as if the Charity were land title owners! The 14.3 acre LVNP was owned by the Public (in Trust).
That fraudulent application was initiated while the 300 mile S SF bank was then still officially Vera’s land (LVNP) Trustee, but they were about to back out of that fiduciary responsibility in favor of the boob run Charity, in conflict of interest as the boobs were the destroyers, not the LVNP protectors. Vera’s post-1992 Charity take over its boobs had no regard for Vera’s will or Rule of Law. Vera would say Bah Humbug. In 1995 Vera’s live-in-the-LVNP Charity-by-now-bogus-land Trustee significantly despoiled what they as now bogus fiduciary land Trustees of but were supposed to protect for the Public were rather destroying using a fraudulent building permit! But to the public they were a `sacred cow’ Charity? To tree huggers it was now a bogus-boob charitable entity as “the fox (Vera’s Charity) guarding the hen house (LVNP).” In 1995 contractor crews carved out then asphalted the 35 car parking lot destroying the heart of John Yeon’s NE of the residence award winning golf course lawn landscaping, plus cutting towering redwood trees NE of the residence, hauling them away on 18 wheelers. John Yeon’s mantra was “Nature first then blend the edifice into it” which he accomplished in spades. That was now destroyed with bulldozer blades, spades, chain saws via a fraudulently bogus Planning building permit, a now bogus Vera’s Charity as conflict-of-interest pevaracating land Trustees. John Yeon’s imported front door oak, dogwood trees, several old growth redwoods all cut down, hauled away on 18 wheeler trucks. The Vietor’s elegant two person residence was brutally transformed into an overcrowded-cobbled-up-bull-pen-charitable-operations office after Ellen Dusick touching nothing for 18 years.
You ou want proof? It’s the NYMMA photos inside, outside of John Yeon’s masterpiece as it looked when Dusick left in 1992 vs. it’s now post-1995 significantly despoiled state. This was not done by men from Mars. It was done by Vera’s post 1992 boob Charity’s chicanery, ignoring Vera’s will, Rule of Law, as a gone bad fiduciary. It was an inside job by Vera’s own now boob-run Charity, allowed to use or destroy her residence, now the boob-destroyer `Charity’ was winked at, essentially condoned by the conflict-of-interest-local-crony Court in our 1999-2001 proceedings to get a restraining order only to stop the second major inside the LVNP despoliation. I was in MZB in 1995. It was blatant acts vs. Vera’s “Keep it native-and-unspoiled” mandate or breach of Vera’s will and Trust. The boob villains didn’t appreciate the treasure that the Public’s LVNP site, John Yeon residence was. These small-minded-boobs wanted more desks, for what? Vera’s charity had become a sacred cow. “They wouldn’t do anything wrong” said a duped Public. There were however other local residents who’d say “To hell with Vera’s birds, bees, trees, John Yeon masterpiece, just give us our charitable gifts.”
That is based on GREED, not NEED. Further Vera’s SF Trust bank allowed Vera’s Charity to invade Trust Principle to “maintain the property” or euphemistically to fund the LVNP despoliation for less income producing Principal funds, more charitable overhead for less income to the Charity for distributing charitable gifts. All via Vera’s Charity’s bogus new site Trustee destroying the Public’s LVNP. That’s Charitable Principal income further decreased by illegally invaded Charitable Principle funding! Why destroy a Public’s LVNP, Yeon’s internationally famous treasure to give away LESS high-overhead-cost-of-giving money. Just move offsite. Distributing charity cash can be done from any dull basement office or post box number. Vera’s LVNP is (was) a unique treasure. It was a small native and unspoiled oasis in an ever increasing asphalt jungle regional desert. The boob’s 1995 first despoliation was on the John Yeon’s residence, landscaping or his cherry on top of Vera’s LVNP gift to the public all sacrificed for the Charity’s more overhead desk spaces? U of Oregon and national in-the-know architects et al of deceased John Yeon’s friends ilk were horrified with the post-1992 Vera’s charity.
That’s it’s “grown the foundation” and “rethought mission” smoke screening dogma. They called it what it was “Creating an empire on philanthropic money.” They were sad for Vera’s valiant attempts with published comments from Oregon architects upon Vera’s Charity’s first significant 1995 despoliation of her John Yeon treasures and 14.3 acre LVNP gifts to the Public. Yeon’s architect friend’s comments. “The Vietor house remains despite lacking any historic property designation a prime work of architecture designed by a nationally recognized architect. In any deliberations about the future of the house and its integral property and landscaping the fact of its historic architectural origins should be seriously considered. Not only did the Vietors leave their considerable fortune for the public good but the vehicle of that gesture was the dream realized in creating an exceptional work of architecture on a beautiful site. Such dreams and realization of quality as architectural patrons and supporters of the public good are the defining statements of their lives.
Such a statement is rare in American civilization and should be respected by later generations, particularly by those in whom they placed their trust.” The Oregon architects definitely sided with Vera vs. her boobs greedy and self-serving LVNP despoilers as pseudo do-good-charitable hypocrites. Who knows if Vera’s charity’s new post-1992 self-serving boob Board Chairman or second day-to-day site charity’s ED (replacing Dusick) either boobs ever read Vera’s will? Probably not but their ignorance is not a defense for such illegal fiduciary destruction. But we Perrotts knew our Vera, her will by heart, her place in pioneer Perrott three generations of tree hugging, where she was coming from, the whole Vietor, John Yeon saga. Neither of Vera’s two post-1992 Charity’s usurping 'rethought mission’ dogma promoters knew Vera or showed any respect or interest in what she and Lynn created over 30 years then gifted to the Humboldt Public. What Vera mandated not to be despoiled, rather to be safeguarded for future generations as the public’s LVNP in Trust gift. Initial 18 year on site ED Dusick had witnessed Vera’s will signing. Ellen Dusick knew what she needed to about Vera .
That’s to know how to so run a good charity while none despoiling operation for 18 years to a “no flowers picked for Vera’s grave” strict level with a low overhead or cost of charitable giving. Neighbors who knew Vera and Lynn were shocked (1995) to see eighteen wheelers removing trees from Vera’s LVNP. They were up in arms at the post-1992 “grow the foundation” dogma and LVNP despoliation. We watchdogs who had standing should have been informed to do something before the 1995 initial despoliation occurred, but were never informed what was happening. Unfortunately in 1995 or first despoliation I was away in Mozambique working on another green cause saga to create a wildlife and botanical 914 Sq Mi NP on MZB’s Indian Ocean coast. Later I published a green-cause book to upgrade that NP plan to 4000 Sq Mi. See Cpt 35 or www.savemec.org. Vera’s bogus Charity’s post-1992 boob-class ED didn’t know or care about who John Yeon was to NOT appreciate Yeon’s architectural masterpiece. Why no indication Vera’s charity considered moving offsite to expand post-1992 vs. despoiling John Yeon’s treasure. Or of sparing the LVNP site which University of Oregon School of Architecture opined qualified to be a protected National Historic or Heritage Site. Unfortunately there were people or local bureaucrats involved who as boobs wouldn’t appreciate a Toulouse Lautrec or Van Gough masterpiece painting! They’d like as not cut the canvas out. To then throw it away to save only the frame as the unappreciative boobs they ARE.
The Vietors, other knowledgeable people did recognize John Yeon as a unique talent and recruited him to Humboldt. The Vietor’s wanted to share their treasure with Humboldt folks vs. have their gifts destroyed by so called local civic leaders. Who was John Yeon? He died in 1994 a year before the first LVNP despoliation of his Vietor work of art treasure at age 83 (b 1910). He was 13 and 10 years younger than Lynn and Vera, died 22 years after them. The Vietor’s nationally acclaimed architect was first an environmentalist and conservation activist. Then later he became world or internationally acknowledged as a gifted residence-landscape architect. At age 21 he borrowed on his life insurance to buy now Chapman Point Oregon’s most photographed Pacific coastal vistas threatened by asphalt-jungle-type despoliation by quick-buck-land developers. Yeon saved it for posterity. His Chapman Point is now found in the John Yeon State Park in Cannon Beach Oregon. Three years later (age 24) Oregon’s Governor appointed Yeon to the first Oregon State Parks Commission. In 1937 (age 27) Yeon made a first comprehensive environmental impact study on the scenic and environmentally sensitive Columbia River Gorge. That is the major S bank Oregon Colombia River highway. His first architectural bombshell residence was for Portland lumber magnet Aubrey Watzec (1937 at 27). Watzec’s residence earned Yeon international praise. Lynn Vietor on a Portland business trip visited it in 1940 to then recruit Yeon to design the Vietor house in per war 1941 (age 31). The Vietor house was displayed at NY’s Museum of Modern Art alongside Frank Lloyd Wright works.
That’s plus other Yeon works). In later years Yeon was more into museums and public buildings winning further honors. Yeon bought to save for future generations the 75 acre Shire on the N bank or Washington State side of the Columbia River. He then landscaped it over the years to improve its S view to frame Multanoma Falls on the Columbia River’s opposite Oregon S bank while protecting the Shire’s for future generations from despoiling development. Yeon’s will gave the Shire to the University of Oregon on his death along with his other treasures. U of Oregoan is ready to renovate the Vietor home,apply for like National Heritage status. Regional Oregonian Yeon was famous enough to get a large NY Times obituary on his death in 1994. University of Oregon School of Architecture is a repository of Yeon’s works. See Wikipedia for further Yeon details. I take pride in having met him at the Vietor’s LVNP site (9 years old) plus my since growing appreciation of his talents. The Vietor home is the only private home works of Yeon’s outside of Oregon or the Vietors (Yeon) created a unique--but Eureka boob bureaucratically unappreciated--gift (treasure) for Humboldt County.
But Vera’s own created Charity despoiled the Vietor’s priceless LVNP gift with its John Yeon designed treasure which U of Oregon would still renovate (John Yeon’s treasure) then apply for a National Historic class site for Vera’s LVNP despite the 1995 major-irreparable-class despoliation of the Vietor home. If there was now the will there is a way. That’s to kick Vera’s gone amok post-1992 Charity off site, make Vera’s LVNP the native and unspoiled nature preserve Vera left, gifted to the Public in Trust but despoiled by the CHICANERY of her Charity and the local crony Court. This is background on what Vera trusted to be safeguarded by her SF Trust Bank as original LVNP land Trustee, Vera’s Charity, Humboldt Courts or bureaucracy for future generations. Despite negative dogma otherwise Vera’s watchdog’s legal action was not to claim their booty under full breach of Trust per Vera’s will in which her watchdogs were to get all of Vera’s Charity’s Principle money in Trust plus the 14.3 acre LVNP site under much less destructive breach of Vera’s will and Trust than has occurred or been essentially blessed by the powers that be. Rather in our 1999 Court filings we Vera’s watchdogs only petitioned the Court for a restraining order to stop a second-in-a-row despoiling of the Public’s LVNP, let that truth be known. Then to have the Court honor Vera’s will her watchdogs requested the Court to order her charity to move off site to expand rather than stay. In the LVNP. That is to further despoil’ the Public’s LVNP treasures.
That’s plus order Vera’s SF bank and her land Trustee to be charged with fiduciary failure thus pay for the cost of renovating the first 1995 major despoliation per the directions of University of Oregon center for John Yeon’s life works who were willing to undertake. That’s so that U of Oregon could then apply for National Heritage Site status. Then we wanted to have such as Humboldt State University or California Redwood State Parks appointed as the ongoing LVNP land Trustee(s). But meanwhile Vera’s charity’s et al mantra or dogma was that Vera’s watchdogs were just opportunist wanting to get their hands on Vera’s charitable Trust money plus the LVNP property for their own greedy use. Does it take one to call one? This was libel qualifying defamation of character against Vera’s watchdog’s carrying out their legal duty to Vera in the public’s LVNP good. Such anti-Vera’s watchdogs dogma was via statements like “Didn’t the Perrott’s contest Vera’s will in 1972.” Or “That was to rob her charity of Vera’s half of the Perrott family redwood timber” they groused. Yes but there was a court approved award to HWP on the merits of that timber case, Rule of Law. There was a long standing three generation family agreement the timber stayed with the Perrott family after paying property tax on it for decades. Vera gave all the Vietor’s money to Vera’s or their local Charity. Enough already, why should she give timber property not her’s to give?
What was the merit of Vera’s Charity destroying the public’s LVNP rather than simply moving off site to expand while being permitted to keep all of Vera’s contributed trust Principal money which per Vera’s will and Trust upon such any much less destructive breach clearly went to Vera’s watchdogs. Vera’s watchdogs essentially said take (keep) Vera’s charitable money, but quit destroying Vera’s and Yeon’s LVNP. Give Vera and the Public a break. But Vera’s watchdogs did request in Court pleadings to split off Vera’s personally funded approximately then 20% of Vera’s created now total named Charity’s year 2000 Vera contributed vs. 'others’ contributed total Principle funding. That’s to create a new rejuvenated competing community charity to retain Vera’s original charities name and Vera’s only gift money. Thus permit the LVNP despoiling other now pseudo (boobs) Charity to retain the 80% of other-people’s charitable Principle that had joined Vera’s Charity. But that 80% of others Charity Principal was to have to move offsite to take a new name. That’s giving N Coast competition, transparency in community charities. Have a good 'Dusic like’ vs. a gone-amok-bogus-boobs-post-1992 Charity choice. Vera’s-only charity then also would move offsite, lesson learned.
Let’s learn from our Vera’s mistakes like charities should not be operated out of a LVNP or John Yeon architectural treasure home. That’s split off Vera’s good charity as Dusick run for 18 years-per Vera’s will divorced from the new post 1992 LVNP despoiling, prevaricating, high overhead cost of giving post 1992 boob-run Charity with their charitable Principle reduced to only that contributed by other than Vera. That’s then to see how many of the other later charitable principle contributors pulled their money out too. That’s of the 80% boob-run Charity. That’s to transfer it to Vera’s back-to-Dusick days Charity vs. the post-1992 LVNP despoiling high overhead, gone amok boob Charity. Have the Court rule that those duped contributors or their surviving heirs had that unchallenged transfer right now that the boob-run Charity’s chicanery was exposed and known. We Perrotts first discovered the 1995 will breach LVNP despoiling travesty in 1996, the tree cutting, bull dozing, paving over, Yeon’s treasure home destruction of the Public’s in Trust LVNP.
This destruction took place in 1995 while this Vera’s watchdog was in MZB creating the 914 Sq Mi Elephant Coast NP creating effort (Cpt 35) or see www.savemec.org). We discovered Vera’s 1995 LVNP despoiled state in Humboldt in 1996 after my MZB African tour. We Vera’s watchdog heirs were shocked, dismayed and saddened. But we were not ambulance chasers or wanting to claim Vera’s LVNP land or Principal Trust money under breach of Vera’s will and Trust as unequivocally mandated in Vera’s 1972 will. That’s as now local detractors of Vera’s watchdog’s consistent cover up, smokescreen dogma claimed. Upon our 1996 discovery was our opportunity to claim breach but Vera’s Charity was by then an established Humboldt sacred cow charity, commonly perceived by local conventional wisdom not like they were above the law as so turned out to be the case, outlaws hiding in Charitable attire. Was that from self-promoted dogma by Vera’s gone off track Charity? Had Vera’s charity degenerated into a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Was it now a Machiavellian rip off charity? Or Vera’s gone amok Frankenstein monster?

If so the public should know. After we took on Vera’s now boob-run Charity in 1999 to stop a second major despoliation we got an education in how really bad Vera’s Bank and post-1992 Charity really were post Dusick after 1992. We found them worse than all the queries about them just above. We should have filled for breach in 1996 before more damage was done. In 1996 we were horrified to find out despite the 1995 LVNP despoliation Vera’s boob-run Charity had the sheeple Humboldt public duped. That is Vera’s Charity that was permitted by the powers that be to despoil Vera’s LVNP a second time in 2001 and carry on their since 1992 boobs charity chicanery we wanted to see them moved offsite and have nothing more to do with. Only in our post 1999 legal investigation discovery efforts did we find a plethora of bureaucratic, crony cover-up rot to support such as our developing negative conclusion. We reacted in 1999 upon Vera’s Charity’s now brazen announcement of further LVNP despoiling as too much already. This time we had boob charity bragging and brazen warning before the fact, and we were not going to let Vera’s now known boob-run Charity or outlaws further destroy Vera’s LVNP dreams.
We Vera’s watchdogs simply petitioned the Court for a restraining order to stop a second major 1999 thus delayed to 2001 LVNP despoliation. That is to stop this belated Devil’s intervention in Vera’s LVNP. We did NOT demand Vera’s LVNP property or Principal money in Vera’s Charity as per her will under breach as claimed in the boob charities anti-Vera’s watchdogs dogma.
We did demand Vera’s Charity relocate off site to expand vs. their intended post-1999 further second major despoiling of Vera’s or the public’s LVNP to correct Vera’s death bed will’s faux pas of letting her charity be domiciled inside her or now Public’s LVNP. It was now an obvious mistake letting a charity be HQed in Vera’s “keep it native and unspoiled” Public’s LVNP. That was alright for the first 18 Dusick years as the charity’s ED, a Charity board which honored Vera’s gifts and will and Trust. But then post-1992 the now boob Charity wanted to expand, bring in a lot more charity overhead people to work affluent elderly crowds for charitable donations. But was that for more charitable gift money, or for “creating an empire on philanthropy money” as per John Yeon’s Oregon architecture friends description which fits the post-1992-boob charity or outlaw takeover to a T. While the local bureaucracy was `bought off’ all for this boobs Devil’s intervention, convinced by he sheeple view the post 1992 boob charity was a `sacred cow” organization. That’s which in turn led to lots of unwanted vehicle traffic in what should-have-been-a-footpath-only-visitation Public’s LVNP guarded “native and unspoiled for future generations.” In 1999 on with all the anti-Vera’s watchdog rumors, much repeated dogma.
Wwhat did Vera’s watchdogs really want? It is documented in their 1999 and forward petitions to be seen in the Humboldt Courthouse Vera’s estate file records available to the public. Vera’s watchdogs asked for a simple restraining order to stop the second LVNP despoliation which action did delay break ground two years. Vera’s heirs asked for nothing material in land, Vera’s Principal trust money as often wrongly and maliciously claimed in boob-run Charity’s vicious dogma. In lieu of the new large boob charity HQ building to further significantly despoil Vera’s LVNP Vera’s watchdogs asked (1) the Court to order Vera’s charity to relocate offsite to expand. You just don’t build huge operations building in nature preserves, not contrary to Vera’s specific will. You build such in urban or business locations already established as asphalt jungles. Vera’s post 1992 boob-run Charity however invaded charity Principle money was allowed by Trust bank and Court to build the illegal despoiling ugly building. That’s as the boob Charity had been funded invaded-charitable Principal money in 1995 for their then first destruction within the public’s in Trust LVNP under the eurpherism of `maintaining the property’. That’s to destroy the John Yeon treasure! Next (2) we asked to split off Vera’s-Principal-Trust-only-money-to go back to 'like Dusick days’ with Vera’s now only circa 20 % of the by then total-to-date contributed boob Charity trust Principal.
Let all the other charitable gift money remain with the post-1992-run-boob Charity. Only Vera’s original or now $10 million to be segregated for a new beginning, retained by Vera’s named per her will original Charity. That is with the some $40 million charitable Trust Principal later contributed by others remaining with the post-1992 to be spun off now boob run Charity. We didn’t ask for that money, only to remove Vera’s contributed Charitable money from the ongoing New Name high overhead rip off of the uninformed Humboldt public post 1992 run boob Charity. Split off the other-than-Vera’s principle money into a new competing community charity with a new name as North Coast Foundation run anyway they want but not in Vera’s LVNP or with any of Vera’s original charitable Principle funding. This would give Humboldt’s public a better situation of competing local charities. lThat’s for them to choose from with different approaches Vera’s without post-1992 boob Charity chicanery. That is with different cost of giving track records honestly reported. Give the public transparency and stop despoliation of their Vera gifted LVNP. Get a Hertz vs. Avis competition on with public informed vs. duped by such as the post-1992 boobs rip off Charity via prevaricated-low-cost-of-charitable-giving dogma. Have at least Vera’s honest-law-abiding a la Dusick first 18 years Vera charity again available.
That is a real Charity vs. the post-1992 outlaw-boob-run non-faux Charity. That (3) the Court order appointment of a new Vera’s only Trust principle charity now offsite with the original seven board members but delete the SF Trust Bank as a Board Member chooser, replaced by a member of Vera’s Perrott family as a board member or appointer, preferably the former as RWP. Thus to insure Vera’s will and Trust is followed in the future as a 'he knew Vera’ insider or whistle blower if necessary. Then (4) the Court to appoint a new bona fide LVNP land trustee recommending nearby Humboldt State or California Redwood State Parks but with U of Oregon in the mix to renovated the John-Yeon-Vietor-home treasure then U of Oregon to apply for national historical or heritage site status, a plus for Humboldt’s tourism and economy. Then (5) the Court to rule that for the SF Trust bank’s fiduciary failures not protecting the LVNP the SF Trust Bank to reimburse amounts with interest to the Vera only split off charity (a) for invaded Vera Trust principle funds to despoil the LVNP they allowed plus outlaw penalty. SF Trust bank (b) to pay a Court agreed fund to U of Oregon to renovate 1995 damages to John Yeon’s building plus landscaping. SF bank (c) to pay a Court ordered punitive sum for their fiduciary failures as land Trustee (LVNP) not protecting the LVNP, allowing irreparable despoliation.
Plus invasion of Vera’s Trust Principle, other chicanery like original will spiking and in their criminal (1977FDFAVW) Vera’s will abridging chicanery. This latter (c) amount to be Court ordered in two portions (i) into the ongoing Vera only Charity Trust Principle, (ii) into a new separate Trust designated to maintain, operate the 14.3 acre LVNP site administered by the new LVNP land Trustees Humboldt State with U of Oregon or whoever. That’s this last with a very important agreement to include money to buy a small parcel of land or pasture. That’s just S of Indianola Road adjacent to the LVNP’s S boundary or Vietor driveway as a visitor’s parking lot. That’s so visitors to the LVNP, John Yeon edifice could park their cars offsite. Or to be allowed to visit the 14.3 acre LVNP on foot only or like at football, baseball games with no vehicles inside the stadium! Wheelchairs allowed. All (6) that Vera’s watchdogs asked for 1999-2001 of the Court was consideration for themselves was from Vera’s chosen SF bank or its survivor to be ordered to reimburse Vera’s watchdogs for their legal fees, out-of-pocket expenses. That’s acting as good Samaritans to protect the Public’s LVNP, John Yeon architectural treasures in the $250,000 range. In 1999-2001 despite dogma otherwise this is facts of what our Court filing records show. That’s as to Vera’s watchdogs intent, Court legal requests. Don’t believe it? Visit the Humboldt Courthouse and Vera’s estate file open to the public for facts not the post 1992 boob charities anti Vera watchdog dogma. The records are open to the public. Watchdog’s intent was not at all what Vera’s off-track-boob Charity, media dogma spewed, and then charity duped sheeple local public bought. It wasn’t at all what their lawyers claimed in Court filings in Vera’s post-1999 watchdog’s legal action to stop a second major LVNP despoliation. That’s by enforcing much less than the terms of Vera’s will and Trust creating her charitable Trust and Public’s in Trust LVNP. In Vera’s five legal watchdogs immediate family, our mother Blanche died of cancer in 1981, our dad HWP in 1987 of Alzheimer’s. In 1995 our original 1865 pioneer land grant 640 acre Perrott ranch was sold (Cpt 36) 130 years on. It’s now 1996 when we discovered the first 1995 LVNP boob Charity’s despoliation. This travesty was on the Vietor or John Yeon residence, associated LVNP landscaping treasures. We Perrotts were mostly elsewhere, of our five watchdog heirs RWP was in Oregon. Two were in Texas or JRP and SMPH, one still in the Loleta family ranch region (HAP). Our youngest sister CAPA was in southern California. We each had our own fish to fry. I was Vera’s watchdog to discover HAF’s despoliation in 1996. I’d been away in Argentina, then Mozambique most of 1995, early 1996.
My stateside base-camp-museum roof was in TX. Sadly few people knew of Vera’s unique 1972 will to keep her LVNP and John Yeon house strictly native and unspoiled. A public that didn’t know Vera’s strict criterion of what constituted breach of her will and Trust or of her gifts to Humboldt County, who were Vera’s will’s alternate inheritors, we Vera’s five watchdogs under breach of Trust. The first 1995 LVNP despoliation was 23 years since Vera died, a new uninformed Humboldt generation. Vera was not a publicity seeker, quite the opposite. Vera never got proper media public notice of what she gifted in terms of her 14.3 acre LVNP plus John Yeon architectural treasure plus creating her to become Humboldt sacred cow Charity. But Vera’s now sacred cow boob Charity gave sour milk after its new post-1992 boob regime took over, after Ellen Dusick’s good 18 years when Vera’s Charity Board as originally prescribed were now gone. Unfortunately Vera got more notoriety by creating her 'give-me’ North Coast’s charitable foundation than for her substantial 14.3 acre LVNP with John Yeon residence gift. When we visited Vera’s LVNP in 1996 to discovered the 1995 significant damage, despoliation of Vera’s LVNP, the Vietor home and landscaping I was shocked. I knew it was serious having known of John Yeon from the 1940’s
Then of Vera’s bent for creating, leaving something “native and unspoiled for future generations” via her LVNP and John Yeon’s architectural treasure gifts or living legacy gift essentially to the Humboldt Public. I was showing my French discovered in 1987 by then married-35-year-old-daughter (Cpt 29) her-never-met-great-aunt-Vera’s LVNP and John Yeon thing when we discovered the 1995 damage in the spring of 1996. We were a foursome of gal pal Gale and I driving from Texas. My daughter and husband Tim joined us from LA N to Portland to then fly back to southern Cal. We now alarmed family watchdogs discussed the 1995 LVNP despoliation, our duty to Vera to guard her will and Trust via breach from such LVNP despoliation. But there then was not a consensus to take on Vera’s charity, her Trust Bank as an unfortunate but done deal, LVNP travesty, then not yet being aware of all the bank, Vera’s now boob Charity, court, and bureaucracy chicanery involved. That’s as the chicanery of Vera’s charity post-1992 and SF Bank from day one. Vera’s Charity was now a well-established Humboldt County they-could-do-no-wrong-sacred-cow charity, or had everyone—the Public--duped.
But once the truth was known Vera’s post-1992 boob takenover charity was more of a fox-guarding-the-hen-house charity or wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Machiavellian criminal monster operation. That’s with Vera’s SF bank, crony Court conflict of interest collusions vs. a Rule of Law abiding to be recommended original 18 years in pre 1992 then boob taken over Charity. Vera’s watchdogs were dealing with more of a nest of vipers than a sacred cow Charity despoiling rather than protective of Vera’s LVNP Public’s gift. Humboldt’s Public was sadly duped by Vera’s Charity’s smokescreen dogma to disguise their high-cost-of-giving-charitable gifts or grow the Foundation dogma. Thus in 1996 Vera’s watchdogs let the 1995 despoliation slide unaware of all these facts. This was a bad mistake as Vera’s gone amok Charity was too soon to strike again. That is after what we later found out up close about Vera’s charity, Trust bank, and Court’s combined crony collusion, chicanery post-1992 or what in our now more educated opinion had evolved into a high overhead Vera’s charity post-1992 with “grow the foundation” and “rethought mission” dogma to cover their outlawry.
That is plenty of PR dogma (smokescreen) to cover-up for the LVNP destruction and chicanery laced now post 1992 boob-outlaw-run Charity. Vera’s charity might have deserved some charitable merit as its first 18 years but not enough to destroy the LVNP to expand while transitioning to go even higher overhead That’s thus more undesirable “high cost of giving” on “other people’s charitable money” or OPCM antics. That’s besides their intended arrogant 1999 further despoliation of the Public’s LVNP while ignoring their Charity’s creator Vera’s tree hugging mandates or Vera’s now Boob-run Charity that hypocritically praises Vera in their charity’s self-promoting annual report like she was their heroine? That’s while stabbing Vera in the back with their egregious LVNP despoliation funded by their requested invasion of Vera’s denied to them Principal Trust money. In June 1999 we watchdogs heard of Vera’s Charity’s next despoiling plans for Vera’s LVNP. Vera’s own creation but turned boob Charity had already done irreparable damage to the Vietor’s or John Yeon residence and NE side landscaping in 1995! But Vera’s charity’s 'rethought mission” excuse for that damage was needing more overhead staff space! But in four years Vera’s now bogus charity had already outgrown the 12 to 15 staff space capacity carved out and shoehorned into Vera’s 1995 despoiled John Yeon Vietor residence. Vera’s now boob Charity then in 1999 brazenly announced to the public they were now going to build an ugly barn like HQ office building within the Public’s 14.3 acre LVNP to house more uncalled for overhead in a lying about it high overhead charity claiming low overhead cost.

That’s in spite of Vera’s will unequivocally stating that the addition of as little a 'single picnic table or barbecue pit’ constituted breach of her will and charitable Trust! This also told us despite destroying the John Yeon Vietor residence in 1995 they were now going to abandon it or had outgrown it in four years in their 'grown-the-Foundation’ madness. Vera’ will’s breach solution was her charitable money plus LVNP was to be taken back from the Public domain-then given to her Perrott watchdogs with no further discussions. But in 1999 Vera’s charity was now going to further despoil Vera’s keep-it-native-and-unspoiled LVNP gift to now, future generations. All so Vera’s post-1992 outlaw Charity could accommodate still more overhead staff! That’s to carry out a simple mission of distributing charitable checks rather than sensibly moving offsite of the LVNP to expand. I was in Texas, this was Bah Humbug time! I came unglued when informed of Vera’s charity’s shocking further announced LVNP despoliation plan! This was now knowledge before the fact, too much to ignore! We Perrotts were suffering guilt as Vera’s watchdogs letting the stealth 1995 despoliation slide when discovered well after the fact a year later.
I’d set up construction offices all over the world respecting Mother Nature’s gifts not destroying them. That’s to rent an open warehouse space. Put up partitions, bring in desks and files. Vera’s unfortunately allowed-on-site Charity had destroyed Vera’s delicate architectural prize Vietor residence for two people in 1995. Now less than four years later they were essentially abandoning that despoiled John Yeon treasure to despoil 10% more of Vera’s 14.3 acre Public’s LVNP! This was for more desk warmers to give away an insignificant charitable funds annually order of magnitude $2 million? That had to be at an astronomically high overhead or cost of giving? I called to talk to Vera’s post-1992 boob-era ED to protest on Vera’s behalf. He was arrogant, smart ass like he not heroine Vera had created or gifted all this. I stated Vera’s Perrott watchdogs would take legal action to get an injunction to block further despoliation of Vera’s public’s LVNP in Trust. He screamed like a spoiled brat “You can’t threaten me” and hung up. But this time we did take legal action! Vera’s boob-run Charity’s despoliation of the public’s LVNP was too much. That is while flaunting Vera’s “keep it native and unspoiled” will and Trust mandates.
That’s for her substantial gifts to the North Coast Public. Who were these jerks or to use Vera word 'boobs’ as her tormentors? That is which Webster’s defines as “a stupid awkward person or simpleton” or part of the human “booboisie” or herd of idiots. 1999 thru 2005 five years was a series of Vera’s watchdog legal, other engagements vis-a-vis Vera’s LVNP. This was Vera’s watchdogs on her behalf in Humboldt County, taking on Vera’s Principal Trust SF bank administrators in SF Court with two appeals to California Appeal Court in SF. Then eventually two appeals to the California Supreme Court all to block further LVNP despoliation, parallel fiduciary malfeasance to get Rule of Law penalty for such vs. the combined Vera’s created now boob-run Charity, her chosen SF Trust bank’s fiduciary failures to simply safeguard her 14.3 acre LVNP native and unspoiled vs. flaunting Vera’s will’s strict mandates, despoiling the public’s LVNP. This Vera’s watchdog’s IRA was reduced by $200,000, another $30,000 from other Vera’s watchdogs joining in with legal fees, costs. What unbelievable documented factual fiduciary malfeasance we were to then discover, call it crony-Charity-Bank Court-connivance and gross chicanery!
Vera’s watchdogs endured none Rule of Law legal smokescreen and illegal cover ups .
That’s to unearth skeletons of previous 'letter or spirit’ breaches of Vera’s will and Trust, flaunting Vera’s clear mandate to protect her LVNP and architecturally significant John Yeon edifice gifts “native and unspoiled for future generations.” It was altruistic Vera’s part defeated by phony-smokescreen charity, bank greed, chicanery with Court crony cover up vs. Rule of Law. In 1999 was a first red flag of serious crony-conflict-of-interest issues between LVNP despoiling culprits and Court was when this Vera’s watchdog from Texas called our family’s Loleta-ranch-wind-down Eureka lawyer (no name to not defame) to be our lawyer to get an emergency Court restraining order to stop Vera’s Charity’s announced 1999 plan of further LVNP significant criminal despoliation. She was also lawyer for my by Court ordered take over from Vera’s chosen SF bank of Vera’s will’s created Perrott Education Trust Trusteeship in 1979 a fiduciary under the Humboldt Superior Court’s jurisdiction as part of Vera’s estate, Vera’s fmily Ed Trust with the same squirrely SF bank. My honest Eureka lawyer declined pursuing a stop order on Vera’s Charity. She advised she had a prohibiting personal conflict of interest? “How is that?” I inquired of my previously always available lawyer.
She related she was in a most-every-weekend-three-couples-Eureka-area-social sextet. The two other couples were (1) the post-1992 'rethought mission’ boob Chairman of the Board of Vera’s created Charity or post-1992-boob LVNP despoilers! Then (2) was the Humboldt Superior Court Judge whose jurisdiction was Vera’s estate file in the Humboldt Court. This was not divine intervention in favor of Vera’s charitable causes, but just the opposite like the devil’s intervention! Further the Eureka Court as an appointer had selected the post-1992 now Vera’s boob Charity chairman to Vera’s governing board, to since become boob board chairman via his 1992 coup d’état takeover. This was a screaming Charity’s culprit crony court conflict of interest vs. Vera’s gifting Charity expected Rule of Law. Anything to do with Vera’s estate file was this Saturday night Judge’s Court’s baby, in his Court’s jurisdiction like Vera’s restraining order petition would be. Wow what lousy news for Vera in small-town-crony-clique Eureka. It was a set up for crony-conflict-of-interest rulings, ignoring facts, Rule of Law for a Vera legal head wind. This early on discovered potential crony conflict of interest turned out to be the rocky road avenue to Vera’s less than Rule-of-Law experience proving to probably be the subjective decider.
Or this subjective 'conflict of interest’ thwarted Vera’s watchdogs stopping her now boob-run planned further significant LVNP despoliation. On the facts or Rule of Law an objective Judge would have issued a restraining order overnight! Not stalled two years to rule against Vera on an obvious fraudulent copy of her will denying our Vera’s watchdog further standing. That’s however while delaying LVNP break ground for some two years! Vera was thwarted despite stark facts of her will vis-à-vis significant 1995 then now further despoliation planned for Vera’s Public’s in Trust LVNP for all to see, but claim otherwise. Which LVNP destruction was documented in Vera’s Courthouse estate file as funded by illegal invaded charitable Principal money denied by Vera’s will to her `income only’ charitable funding. That is Charitable Trust Principle cash supposed to only produce income for charity vs. destroying Vera’s gift of the Public LVNP, invaded charitable Principle used for illegal public LVNP destruction. There was insurmountable to Vera conflict of interest condoned vs. altruistic-do-good Vera’s, the Public’s expected but denied Rule of Law justice! Vera’s post-1992 boob-run charity had simply flaunted Vera’s will with this crony court life preserver at their beck and call. In my odyssey I allude on occasions to divine intervention when there was unexpected good luck. For this watchdog in Vera’s case this was the Devil’s intervention.
We had per Vera’s will documented facts, a rock solid case of breach of Trust in her SF bank as resigning land Trustee and her now boob Charity as usurping land trustee not safeguarding Vera’s LVNP creation their fiduciary responsibility but rather despoiling the LVNP and Yeon jewel. That’s further facts of the first 1995 LVNP despoliation plus announced yet again in 1999 added significant despoliation with Court condoned invaded charitable Trust Principle illegal funding on top of the egregious despoliation for unquestionable breach of will and Trust. But still Vera’s watchdogs were not asking for a ruling of breach of Vera’s will and Trust, only a restraining order to stop this 1999 break ground of significant further second major LVNP despoliation. At the end of the day the crony bureaucracy of Planning (building permit) and Supervisors plus Court failed to uphold Vera’s will, failed to issue a restraining order to stop this second outlawed break ground LVNP despoliation. A bullet point chronology was to be the next chapter of this book. It was scrapped for publisher’s concerns for libelous content mentioning names, facts thus now not easily available to any truth seeking reporter of documentation from Vera’s estate file in the Courthouse, Planning for illegal building permits both open to public inquiry. Next their was the dupped public siding with their attacked sacred cow Charity with no knowledge of its real-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing nature.
Then Vera’s Charity ready to spend gobs of charitable money to attack Vera and twart her “keep it native and unspoiled” LVNP gift to the public. To the illadvised bought off general public Vera was the enemy not the unappreciated source of huge LVNP and Charity gifts. We her watchdogs were just ambulanch chasers.Amazing skeletons came out of the woodwork in our 1999-2001 Humboldt legal proceedings! The scrapped bullet point chapter is to be added to our www.humboldtexposed,org when it is next updated. With our previous Eureka lawyer unavailable we hired my Croatian-born-US-Navy-flying-buddy-Princeton-engineer-cum-LA-lawyer Joe Paladin. He has since become a Humboldt resident. I warned Joe up front of conflict of interest cronyism. “The Judge and Vera’s Charity’s chief despoiler are thick as thieves in an every-weekend-three-couple-crony-social sextet.” “How in hell do you know that?” asked Joe. “That’s from my usual Humboldt family ranch and Vera’s Ed Trust lawyer. She recused herself on Vera’s case for her admitted conflict of interest. She, her doctor husband are the third couple in the social sextet with Vera’s post-1992 boob Chairman of the Board of Vera’s Charity and wife. That’s then withthe Superior Court Judge and wife exclusively handling Vera’s estate.”
Later as we worked weekends drafting legal documents we referred to Vera’s Humboldt adversaries as our “Saturday-night-hot-tub-crony opponents.” That’s not knowing if hot tubing was an in-Humboldt County thing, but we took them on as was our duty to Vera and the duped and jilted Public via our allegiance to her as her will and Trust’s watchdogs. We were now in mad-as-hell mode. That’s where our cherished aunt’s dying-widow’s-death-bed will and Trust led us. We weren’t going to allow it anymore! Enough already from the LVNP despoilers, Vera’s back stabbing now boob-run Charity. We had previously failed Vera after discovering the 1st 1995 despoiling travesty well after the fact. Vera’s will was crystal clear. Vera’s Charity, SF Trust bank both were in deep trouble IF there was a Rule of Law! The Judge over Vera’s will, estate initially agreed. But nearly two years on we were informed without understandable legal reason mainly (1977FDFAVW) that Vera’s we watchdogs now belatedly lacked 'standing’ to further argue Vera’s case in Court after doing so for two years? We were Vera’s named alternate beneficiaries if there was breach of Trust. That’s which gave us needed legal standing. That’s for which very clearly there was physical evidence as “18 wheeler trucks hauling redwood trees from Vera’s LVNP” when we queried neighbors after the 1995 first despoliation.
We thus had Vera’s by-will-Rule-of-Law-been-given-legal standing or the right to challenge Vera’s will’s created now boob Charity in Court for their LVNP brazen despoiling breaches of Vera’s will. But in Vera’s will her SF Trust bank was named her Executors thus duty of administering, carrying out Vera’s will probate, not to fraudulently change her will which they had done in 1977 which most judges would give no credence. But this was Eureka. But in chicanery on closing Vera’s active estate administration’s final distribution report 1977 or five years on but now over 20 years ago Vera’s will was fraudulently rewritten. The abridged version 'eradicated’ her breach of will and Trust clause “not even a picnic table despoliation allowed” plus removing her named watchdogs as alternate inheritors, which qualified us for legal standing in Court. See further details of (1977FDFAVW) above (465-6). Our lawyer alleged this was a fraudulent act by the SF bank like forgery who subjectively pretended it had Rule of Law merit? The crony Humboldt Court honored the bank’s 1977 illegal act over Vera’s signed 1972 will as the legal document! This is a gauge of the level of crony-Court collusion, this convoluted legal flimflam vs. issuing a simple injunction to stop further destruction of the public’s LVNP, declining to protect the Public’s LVNP as mandated by Vera in her clearly stated will (No Rule of Law protection)?
Rather rule of the hot tub? The crony bureaucracy’s concern was for Vera’s Charity’s contrived 'sacred cow’ image.The boob charity’s new HQ building would further destroy the public’s LVNP to better serve or to actually rip off the ill informed Public. If that was stopped by court order, the rest of the SF trust bank, Vera’s Charity’s chicanery would become public then Vera’s now BOOB Charity’s ongoing ability to scam the public for principalTrust money contributions could be negatively efected or the truth be known should have been!
Who watches charities? This was not objective Rule of Law. We allege it was subjective-crony-Court cover up rule of law to bless illegal chicanery. Vera’s watchdogs didn’t come to know of this (1977FDFAVW) saga until 24 years later after a 1995 breach of Trust despoliation of the LVNP had occurred. Another despoliation was now planned with a 2nd again illegitimate (illegal) Humboldt Planning building permit in hand. We watchdogs went by Vera’s-signed-by-her-in-1972 will, then Rule of Law. Vera’s watchdogs expectations in Rule of Law were outside the local subjective-crony-Rule-of-Law environment.
That’s where the SF bank Executor’s Vera’s will’s 1997 fraudulent abridging (1977FDAVW) was tolerated, winked at to deny Vera’s watchdogs further legal standing, squelching our valid requested 1999-2001 restraining order to stop more despoliation of the Public’s LVNP strictly outlawed by Vera’s crystal clear LVNP directions. Vera’s watchdogs were told based on Vera’s estate Executor’s 1977 flimflam in the Court records or Vera’s abridged will Vera’s designated watchdogs now lacked standing. That’s two years on to further oppose Vera’s will’s prohibited LVNP despoiling HQ building, a surreal conflict of interest to allow or blessing the fox Vera’s post-1992-boob-run Charity version to guard the hen house (eat hens). To despoil Vera’s Public in Trust LVNP the culprits to then just get 'winked’ at by the crony Court. Vera’s will was distorted to create her now Frankenstein Monster Boob Charity. Watchdogs never claimed full remedy of breach as was the media’s dogma.
era’s heirs simply tried to block by Court injunction more LVNP post-1999 LVNP despoiling. Watchdogs demanded no LVNP property or Trust principle money as per Vera’s will and Trust breach only to make Vera’s post 1992 boob Charity relocate offsite to expand. Vera should never have permitted her charity HQ to be inside her LVNP but it worked for the first-18-Dusick-run years until the post-1992 'rethought mission’ and 'grow the Charity’ dogma epoch. It was a Vera 1972 deathbed faux pas. But it was unreasonable to destroy Vera’s 14.3 acre LVNP to give away insignificant charitable money. Any fiduciary Charity could have done it from a kiosk in downtown Eureka, a postal address, one room office!. Giving away Charitable money to deserving indivicuals and causes does not take a grand office. Vera’s watchdogs asked the Court for well short of Vera’s breach solution. They asked the delinquent fiduciary SF Trust Bank as Vera’s LVNP land trustee now be charged with costs for repairing the 1995 despoiling significant-irreparable-class damage. Vera’s watchdogs appealed to the SF California Appeals Court but lost to another subjective-crony situation, a conflict of interest between appeal judge and alleged Vera’s Charity’s culprit’s outside lawyer.
Co-defenders Vera’s Charity, Trust bank hired an outside lawyer from San Diego? If you were in the know this SD lawyer was a UC Berkeley classmate of one of the same three California Appeal Court judges that ruled against Vera for further anti-Rule of Law subjective uphill sledding for Vera’s Public LVNP cause. That’s boob Charity’s hired-lawyer-potential-subjective-judge-conflict-of-interest-cronyism situation was on very thin legal ice smacking of purchasing a crony-conflict-of-interest judgement to thwart Vera’s will’s clear intent denying Rule of Law protection to stop LVNP despoiling via illicit legal fees paid for by Vera’s supposed charitable money? They shot Vera’s watchdog messenger in 2001 via Vera’s bank’s 1977 legally unexplainable rewrite of Vera’s will, withdrawing Vera’s watchdog’s standing. That’s severa; layers of NO RULE OF LAW.We were not ready to give up on our duties to Vera, the Public’s in Trust LVNP vs. its boob Charity’s despoilers. Vera’s 1972 will created the public (in Trust) 14.3 acre LVNP, left it in Trust to Vera’s land Trustee bank not Vera’s living within the LVNP site local now boob-run Charity who had usurped that Trusteeship in 1994. We now went to get a no-break-ground restraining order in a Class Action lawsuit back in Humboldt County our standing having been withdrawn. t was a legal class action suit that could be joined by any Humboldt resident. Their standing was as parties in Vera’s created for them Public LVNP as owners in Trust. This to circumvent our after two years belated unexplained legal or illegal withdrawal of our Vera’s will established legal standing.
But our Class Action legal effort was denied. What was one to expect in the same anti-Vera’s subjective-crony-conflict-of-interest atmosphere Humboldt Court, local bureaucracy playing subjective, crony Court legal chess. Then with pro-Charity sacred cow dogma, a duped-sheeple-public-pro-sacred-cow sentiment was too deeply entrenched. Vera’s created sacred cow boob-run Charity was now held above the law or Vera’s intent, untouchable, allowed to despoil what its creator Vera cherished most in her 1972 will, Vera’s for the Public’s created LVNP. Vera's watchdog' heirs found it surreal, bizarre as the irrational reality of a bad dream being exposed to persistent negative dogma from Vera’s own now boob run Charity et al. Then with bizarre Court’s changing rulings during the months of 1999-2001. That is with Vera’s own charitable child now-boob-run Charity egregiously trying to reinvent Vera’s will, to cover their physically apparent despoiling 1995 act on Vera’s will created LVNP plus their now proposed arrogant act of post 1999 further LVNP despoiling breach of Vera’s will.. Adding insult to injury with outlawed invasion, depletion of Vera’s charitable Principle Trust to fund LVNP despoiling boob Charity acts post-1995 plus more now. Local environmentalists, tree huggers, bird watchers saw an uncalled for despoliation of the natural habitat Vera had created over 30 years, then gifted to the Public. This was not evolution vs. creation.
But rather it was Vera’s redwood hilltop Walden Pond Mother’s Nature’s environment vs. Vera’s post-1992-boob-run Charity in a so what arrogant mood of despoiling of Vera’s LVNP in self-serving expand “Grow the Foundation” dogma mode. That’s while heaping obloquy, calumny on Vera's watchdogs for standing up for their aunt's will. That’s which mandated to save her precious gifts “native and unspoiled for future generations” for the Public in Trust. That’s which Vera’s clear, unambiguous intent was to truly benefit the community gifting them something precious to be guarded for future generations vs. post-1992 18 years on “grow the foundation” or “rethought mission” dogma, LVNP despoiling by Vera’s now boob-run Charity with connivance of Vera’s Trust bank-LVNP-land Trustee plus a winking crony Humboldt Court. You readers decide? For those interested there is or was a gold mine of evidence in Vera’s estate file, Humboldt Planning’s bogus building permits for 1995, 1999 renewed to 2001. What of Vera’s or we watchdogs first amendment rights to tell a factual tale scrubbed for “it sounds maybe like libel?” For Vera’s watchdogs to hear all this Vera’s own back stabbing boob-run Charity‘s defamation-of-watchdog’s-character dogma was mind boggling to surreal.
That is after close contact with their nature loving Vietor relatives at their now LVNP site from 1940 on when Vera’s property was acquired until Vera's death there in 1972 then 30 plus years later. Vera’s watchdogs took shared pride in the creation of their aunt's LVNP. Vera’s intended version of Vera’s Charity through 1992 or good Ellen Dusick ED 18 years. Vera’s watchdogs don’t want to be poor losers, whiners but the negative dogma vs. Vera’s watchdogs carrying out their duties to altruistic charitable grantor Vera, to the Public or owners in Trust of Vera’s despoiled gift LVNP was too much. This Vera’s now boob-run Charitable organization’s et al dogma was it not just the smokescreen, camouflage that was meant to obscure tawdry illegal facts of fiduciary malfeasance by Vera’s Trust bank, her created now boob-run Charity to permit the Court to wink at corrupt-crony failure of Rule of Law and specious anti Vera Dogma. Neal D Walsch in his book Conversations With God Book 1 (1996) quotes God as describing how dogmas succeed as follows: “Dogmas are propaganda tools of organizations such as religious, charitable, fraternal and political which manipulate the Public.
Dogma provides what is offered by the organization.” That’s as Humboldt’s sacred cow charitable dogma handouts. “The organization must appear to have answers (power) the public does not have.” That’s as Vera’s charitable money to give away. “Lastly the public must be conned into accepting the organizations answers.” Vera’s post-1992 boob-run Charity’s we’re low overhead lies, we-must-expand propaganda, smoke screening without question, Humboldt’s benevolent sacred cow Santa Claus smokescreen image. “Then should the public become enlightened or exposed to the truth, the enlightened ones must be expelled or disgraced with great fanfare.” As Vera’s watchdogs taking appropriate legal action vs. Vera’s LVNP despoilers in 1999-2001. Continuing author Walch’s dogma definition vis-a-vis Vera’s boob-run Charity. That is “Dogma is in order to intimidate the public to continue repeating the herd instinct as dogma accepting sheeple.” The Public bought off by way of Vera’s now boob Charity’s high-overhead-operation-with-smoke-screen-light-sprinkle-of-charitable gifts. “That’s mantras that are required to maintain the status quo. That’s to frustrate such as the Rule of Law.” End of Walsh’s quote. Post 1992 or 18 years on Vera’s now boob-run Charity was able to achieve this dogma stereotype.
That’s to the letter but with their blood stained hands or redwood tree sap concealed behind them with their pockets stuffed with Vera’s will’s outlawed to them invaded charitable Trust Principle funding. Down with such dogma, enough said except Bah Humbug! Vera’s watchdogs only became proactive resisting Vera’s gone-overboard-boob-run Charity resident in the Public’s in Trust LNVP after despoiling acts in 1995 as per Vera's 1972 will’s duties as her watchdogs. That is by challenging Vera’s own gone-amok-boob Charity to not further destroy Vera’s LVNP again with their arrogant public announcement of further despoliation in June 1999 of a despoiling new warehouse like HQ building to destroy a further 10% of the Public's Vera mandated “keep it native and unspoiled for future generations” Public LVNP. This was too much already. Then we further discovered in legal proceeding it was paid for by Vera's illegally invaded SF Trust bank charitable Principle Trust Fund’ Tthat was meant to produce eggs (interest) not be killed as hens and eaten (Principle funds). But these misguided self-serving boobs wouldn't even know Vera. That’s even if she walked into the room! How could such charitable Vera’s created Charity of post 1992 boobs look at themselves in a mirror. That’s go to church on Sunday or sleep at night? That is (1) Vera’s boob Charity plus her (2) nonperforming Trust bank as original property (LVNP) Trustee. Plus (3) a too often duped uninformed at times seemingly informed but colluding local Court as a destructive triple team vs. Vera’s LVNP. That’s against Vera’s will and Trust’s intended Public gifts.
This triple team together vs. Vera who they either egregiously breached, allowed breaching of the letter and spirit, intent of Vera's will and Trust. That is to allow Vera’s native-and-unspoiled LVNP to not be so safeguarded for future generations but despoiled for what? That is for Vera’s self-serving-smoke-screen-boob-run Charity gone amok! Vera’s estate’s Courthouse legal files show premeditted flimflam from day one on Vera’s dying widow’s overnight will and Trust. That’s self-serving intentional destruction of Vera’s LVNP funded by Vera’s illegally invaded charitable Trust Principle funding by an anti-Vera boob Charity, SF bank, Court triple team plus Humboldt Planning (building permits), Supervisors (building permits), Coastal Commission (below) et all in collusion, together or individually! That is Vera’s two fiduciaries, her created now boob Charity, her poorly chosen SF rip off Trust bank. A third culprit to make this den of vipers work was a crony Court vs. benevolent, magnanimous, charitable Vera! As Oregon Architects of John Yeon’s ilk groused per Vera’s boob Charity “Creating an empire on philanthropy money!” Then Vera’s watchdogs found via Vera’s estate’s Courthouse legal files clear documentation of chicanery, cover ups from day one. It was mind boggling, surreal, bizarre, and unbelievable.
It was clear in the end all of Court, Vera’s selected or created fiduciaries, Humboldt’s bureaucracies mostly all condoned the LVNP despoliation! It makes one wonder “Are there really places like this or Eureka with a different version of Rule of Law as in infamous Chicago or New Orleans city mafias, crony bureaucracies? How did a Court wink at Vera’s fiduciary Executor’s criminally altering Vera’s will enabling mismanagement of her affairs without her will and Trust breach penalties as mandated in her dying-widow’s-deathbed will? Should naïve Humboldt sheeple Public condone since post-1992 Vera’s charity’s 'grow the Foundation’ and 'rethought mission’ mantras as legitimate LVNP pro despoliation dogma? Or a duped Public condone the destruction of Vera’s LVNP to give away high-cost-of-giving charitable money empire building on charitable cash rather than from an office in urban Eureka? Noted architect and environmentalist John Yeon’s other acclaimed works had all been appreciated, protected for future generations elsewhere? Only in Humboldt were Yeon’s treasures destroyed by such post-1992 in Vera’s words “hicks and boobs.” Here’s a thought experiment. What if Vera made a surreal LVNP reappearance?
Vera’s family envisions if sagacious but irascible she bear bird-lover-tree-hugger Vera were to reappear on her LVNP scene she’d go screaming into her despoiled former John Yeon residence. She’d cry in anguish at her boob’s created LVNP’s despoiling! Vera would violently kick out of her house her chain-saw-wrecking-bar wielding key cogs. That’s the boobs of her post-1992 off-track Charity with their 'grow the foundation’ and 'rethought mission' dogma-cum-LVNP destruction, to Vera all just plain rot! They would have a berserk woman on their hands to chase them physically down off her cherished knob hill LVNP property immediately with her sharp pointed shoes in their backsides! If Courts uphold Rule of Law would they not rule for what a resurrected Vera deserves, rightly demanded? Vera would kick her LVNP despoilers or her created but now post-1992 boob-run Charity version off her lifetime’s achieved 14.3 acre LVNP, withdraw her money from her Charity or now in 1994 bogus usurper LVNP land Trustee for their destructive misuse per her will mandated legal cure under breach of will and Trust as clearly stated in Vera’s 1972 signed, witnessed will? Meanwhile by fortuitous chance Vera’s LVNP property was in the California Coastal Commission’s (CCC) jurisdiction of less than one mile from Pacific Ocean tidal salt water with the east shore of Humboldt Bay only a quarter mile W.
CCC was created by Proposition 20 of California’s November 1972 election (Vera died in June 1972). CCC was created uniquely to provide access then environmental protection to California’s beaches and near coastline nature preserves. CCC had ultimate power to protect such as Vera’s LVNP to perform their very raison d’etre (reason for being) duty to protect such as Vera’s LVNP. That’s to rule Vera’s 27 years earlier will created the Public LVNP which could not be despoiled for CCC to overrule on despoiling lack of merit the current Vera’s charity’s LVNP despoiling bogus 1999 Humboldt County building permit. CCC had the power to overrule that illegal, bogus LVNP despoiling building permit. So this Vera’s watchdog decided “Let’s see if CCC can provide the equivalent of a restraining order by overruling the Vera’s now boob-run Charity’s fraudulent bogus 2nd building permit.” Vera’s watchdog officially appealed to CCC, attended their three day public hearing in LA as a possible stop the boobs. For ths June 2001 effort CCC was provided a 1-1/2 inch back binder of information with history, details that would take hours to skim or days to digest. That’s of detailed facts to support Vera’s will created LVNP then the whole post-1992 Vera’s amok-boob-run Charity’s story (sadsaga).
That’s why the for 1995 then current second building permits were both fraudulent thus bogus plus destroying a Nature Preserve (LVNP). But at CCC’s hearing Vera’s story her watchdog found was another version of a rigged game of subjective anti-Vera cronyism. That’s and more bureaucratic skullduggery ignoring the stark facts then ignoring Rule of Law. Vera’s saga’s hearing request of CCC to overrule the bogus building permit came up only on day three. Then CCC in LA permitted a Eureka CCC office rep who was well dogmatized by Vera’s Charity’s standard we’re an unimpeachable-sacred-ow-charity dogma. He rambled on--a 20 minutes smokescreen spiel--of Vera’s boob-run Charity’s provided dogma. He avoided all facts of a public LVNP in the Coastal zone being illegally despoiled vs. Vera’s explicit will, Rule of Law, his CCC’s sacred obligation not to so permit. Vera’s watchdog’s prepared for CCC binder with Vera’s will (the facts) were conveniently completely ignored. Did LVNP creator Vera get equal time? No this watchdog was limited to only 90 second on the auditorium’s microphone to respond, rebut orally! Bought off CCC thus blessed, whitewashed the despoliation of Vera’s LVNP though that was 100 % opposite to their unique CCC charter, taxpayer funded bureaucracy per its 1972 California Proposition 20 charter? This shell shocked Vera’s watchdog could only write this last chance CCC saga off as further anti-Vera chicanery, corrupt anti-Rule of Law cronyism. Vera’s LVNP despoiling boob-run Charity won via smoke screening dogma.
To further destroy Vera’s created Public’s LVNP with invaded Principle funds by Vera’s own post 1992 boob-distorted Charity. Vera’s tragic comedy played on. For Vera’s there was no CCC canceled building permit to save her Public LVNP from further bureaucracy blessed despoliation! After a two year delay, Vera’s Charity in mid 2001 broke ground to further despoil Vera’s Public’s LVNP. Vera’s downcast, perplexed watchdogs, lawyer now legally took on Vera’s SF Trust bank per Vera’s Bank cooked books by altering Vera’s 1972 will in Vera’s Court House’s estate files via their 1977 Final Distribution chicanery (1977FDFAVW) which flimflam was used after two years in Vera’s watchdog’s restraining order proceedings to 'illegally’ withdraw Vera’s watchdog’s legal standing. Vera’s boob-distorted Charity thus had no legal Rule of Law route to avoid our blocking of break ground but got their crony Court pal to do it by denying further standing, their case won and closed. This illegal rabbit out of the hat chicanery blocked watch-dogs legal 'standing’ so they never were allowed (officially) to have argued Vera’s case in Humboldt Court. That’s despite unofficially (legally) allowed to do so for two years! Did the Court cronies let Vera argue her case for months to smoke out what was known?
But from Vera’s side this on-and-off exercise allowed her watchdogs to discover unimaginable skeletons of fiduciary and Court irregularities from day one not previously known of Court and Planning (building permit) legal chicanery. Vera’s LVNP despoilers (and lawyers) sat on their two stage flimflam hold cards of Vera’s 1972 will spiking (RAP) first then her banks 1977 will rewriting five year on both well documented in Vera’s Courthouse estate file then used those `hold’ cards as the play clock expired to defeat Vera’s restraining order petition to ignore Vera’s will and Trust, Rule of Law to allow the second despoiling of Vera’s Public LVNP in 2001. Yhat’s unfortunately Vera’s watchdogs had run out of time and money. But then Vera’s Croatian born lawyer then took on Vera’s SF Trust bank on contingency. That is he asked $100 million with Vera’s family to get 60%. But despite a strong smoking gun SF case Vera’s side failed to win. How could this be? Vera’s in-house post game critique Vera’s loss was due to more alleged hired-by-Vera’s boob Charity’s lawyer-conflict-of-interest-crony-judge chicanery second SF occurrence. That’s the same-two-Berkeley-buddy characters of the SF Court level.
That’s a second time in SF Court of the same Judge, Vera’s opposition’s same lawyer going to school together at Berkeley. We allege a subjective decision ignoring objective facts as the Bank’s cooking the books as Vera’s will with RAP in 1972 then the 1977FDFAVW affair. That’s Vera’s own now boob-run charitable money used against her to hire a subjective crony Judge-lawyer combo in foiling Rule of Law on top of her intended for Charity Principle money used instead for LVNP destruction. Ask Vera about Rule of Law in California, she’d surely say “Bah Humbug!” In hindsight what did Vera do wrong in drafting her dying widow’s will with less than 24 hours between meeting with a stranger lawyer (plus vulture SF Trust banker) then signing her deathbed will? What life’s lessons are to be gained from Vera’s strange, sad saga? Vera in her near-death-1972 situation created a lot as her 14.3 acre unspoiled LVNP Mother Nature’s oasis sanctuary. She also created, funded what is now considered the regional sacred cow or Vera’s Redwood Empire community Charity which was meritorious at least for its first-18-Dusick-legitimate-board-run years or pre boob-run takeover in 1992. But Vera’s boob-run Charity post-1992 now became a Frankenstein monster in real world terms.

1930s Lynn and Vera beside being active in the Perrott Forest Lodge 'summer home’ had a weekend cabin at Klamath Glenn near the mouth of the Klamath River N of Eureka as a second 'get away’ place. Childless they took Vera’s two nephews there on some occasions.
1930s Klamath Glenn Jack (L) and Bill (R) vs. our passport names of John and William rate a weekend at their aunt Vera’s other get away place beside S on 101 past Weott to the Perrott’s fairly famous Forest Lodge tribal clan wrong side of the river summer orchard site. place.

1930s Klammath Glenn Vera’s nephews Jack (L) and Bill (R) vs. our passport names (John and William) rate a weekend visit to the Vietor’s 'other weekend place’. Later they took us on many up the Klamath river bar camp outs for fly fishing with our dad HWP.

1940s Vera in Mexico pleads with an inattentive Demo to change its ways, can the dogma, to go Vera’s way (improved), to as little avail as she got in her 1972 will for creating her LVNP and home town charity to be run as per strict direction in Vera’s mostly disregarded will.
1940s Lynn from Klamath Glenn displays his fish catch on the lower Klamath River. Lynn was an outdoor type, into riding horses, had a sail boat on Humboldt bay and was well read by Eureka standards. He helped me a lot in my career choices which I came to mu ch appreciate.

Eureka 1923 Vera home after graduating for U of Cal Berkeley to teach school in Humboldt County, marry Eureka’s Lynn Vietor an engineer graduated from Stanford, the two to eventually create a local charitable foundation, LVNP with their famous John Yeon home.
and the LVNP and o
1960s Vera walks in her woods at Indianola, to become the LVNP in her 1972 will on this W flat where in the early 2000s her boob charity built an illegal large HQ building with 65 asphalt parking slots despite her will and Trust outlawing even a 'spoiling’ little picnic table.

1968 Tanzania a crested eagle which my bird loving and tree hugging aunt Vera would have enjoyed seeing. She was the third Perrott generation to be deep into green causes, like leaving her 14.3 acres estate at Indianola
as a public nature preserve (LVNP) in a legal trust.

1968 Lake Manyara TNZ. A ladder necked giraffe
against the Rift Valley wall W. If Vera had it all to do over she might now leave her 14.3 Indianola acres (her LVNP) for giraffes vs. her became boob charity et al.
Vera’s boob charity was using Vera’s charitable money to defeat Vera’s “keep it native and unspoiled” LVNP. They were only supposed to get the interest off Vera’s (now bank’s Principle) for charity. They invaded Principle to destroy Vera’s (the Public’s) LVNP> Vera’s 1972 will accomplished two unprecedented charitable then environmental double barreled goals As Vera’s Charity and her LVNP the magnitude of which were never fully known or appreciated locally. What could Vera have done better? Here’s a summary of issues for consideration. Readers are invited to judge. Vera (1) should have kept her two gift entities apart, never let her Charity HQ be established inside her 14.3 acre “keep it native and unspoiled” Public’s LVNP site or allowed to operate out of Vera’s architectural treasure John Yeon house to permit such as her boob takeover “coupe d’état” post-1992 Charity-destruction by self-serving culprits now get their foot in the door as a becoming wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Charity. But that was too complicated in her desperate ending days. Vera (2) needed somebody to be the guardian of her LVNP or land Trustee. In desperation Vera made the bad decision of her quid-pro-quo with her unscrupulous SF Trust bank as LVNP guardian land (LVNP) trustee. She wrongly chose them as LVNP land Trustees.
Thus to then became major LVNP’s destroyers. That was to get their greedy hands on her significant charitable Principal Trust money. Who then designated her Charity was to physically occupy her John Yeon treasure as her SF bank Land Trustee was 300 miles away? Vera might have (a) called friend John Yeon, told Yeon “I’m dying, help me safeguard your treasured landscaped house” for a helpful solution like getting University of Oregon’s Architectural School involved. She (b) could hve called John Van Duzer. He was Vera’s close cousin her age, a professor at Humboldt State who’d become a close pal of John Yeon’s. Or (c) called brother HWP or nephew RWP who were in the area while I was in Africa. RWP would have contacted John Yeon for a better land trustee. The SF Trust bank was a corrupt Trust outfit but worse a useless LVNP guardian land Trustee. It’s not what they usually did professionally, especially not from 300 miles away in San Francisco. A rip off Bank not a LVNP property Trustee.

With now knowledge she could have chosen nearby Humboldt State U or California Redwood State Parks as her LVNP’s land Trustee with John Yeon or John Van Duzer help. That is with University of Oregon School of Architecture a copartner land trustee via John Yeon to guard Yeon’s architectural master piece from day one. Like U of Oregon guards all of Yeon’s other treasures he willed to U of Oregon’s Architecture School. That’s so her LVNP would be unspoiled as a National Heritage Site or equal today vs. dog-eared, now irreparably despoiled. (3) Vera should never have let the SF Bank essentially overnight write her will self-serving of them then to next arrogantly make themselves simultaneously her estate’s SOLE Executor vs. an independent expert person who she knew and trusted take a critical look at her will before she signed it, or could still alter weeks of life left like her brother HWP, his lawyer Gromala or Vera’s nephew RWP or Vera’s cousin Humboldt State professor John Van Duzer et al.
Letting her bank have the conflict of interest role of being Vera’s SOLE Executor was far more than too much, the kind of thing that some unsavory banks do to affluent dying widows. Which they did to Vera big time on her deathbed, then their criminal RAP will spike up front overnight, but then their criminal five years on 1977 Vera’s will rewrite (1977FDFAVW) or (Final Distribution Fraudulent Abridged Vera’s Will) as they made their final estate sell off assets report and put in their abridged Vera’s will that deleted all mention to her will and Trusts revoking rules then assets going to her nephews which gave them legal standing. But we didn’t find out about that flimflam until 30 years on. Back then RWP should have been Vera’s will’s Executor; then (4) her nephew RWP should also have been on her Charity’s Board an upfront active Vera watchdog or whistleblower vs. such as Vera’s Charity’s 1992 boob coup d’état then 1995 first LVNP or Yeon treasure’s significant destruction. That’s which led to the immediate illegal plans to despoil the Yeon treasure to convert it into a desk-pool office? Such as to destroy the LVNP or Yeon home on to their 1992-rethought-mission boob-run Charity. But she didn’t know she still had several weeks, and wanted her will off her last to do list as Vera drifted off.
That’s someone who could have reviewed, revised Vera’s rip off will before she died several weeks later. Her brother HWP would have his lawyer Gromala review it as he who got the Perrott family timber back vs. gifted to Charity. Gromala would have cried bloody murder at Vera’s will’s spike by Rule Against Perpetuities (RAP) as a Vera’s will revoking or weakening booby trap by her criminal legal team. That’s a weak or spiked will which eventually led to the illegal plans to despoil the Yeon treasure to convert it into a desk-pool office in the post 1992 boob charity phase. As to destroy the LVNP or Yeon home to accommodate post 1992-rethought-mission boob-run version conflict-of-interest usurping the LVNP land trusteeship in 1994 then do major 1995 despoliation of Vera’s John Yeon treasure, gift of LVNP to the public in Trust. RWP would have never stood for Vera’s crony-boob-post 1992 version of Vera’s Charity a disguised boob-run-self-serving-high-cost-of-giving-rip-off Charity while masquerading as a sacred cow savior bona fide Charity. That’s with their grow-the-Foundation mantra Vera’s Charity became a high overhead cost quasi-charity too much more into local politics, cronyism, a second major LVNP despoliation in 2001 by who but Vera’s own created, funded-cum-boob-run-Charity, by a wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing now boob Charity. The bank written Charity document was never seen by Vera with its seven Charity Board members. Six designated board member appointers were from local Humboldt bureaucracy. But Vera’s unfortunate bad choice of her SF Trust Bank who then made themselves as the appointers of a N Cal seventh?

The SF Bank self servingly made themselves the first named Vera’s Charity’s Board appointer when better they stuck to their rip off SF banking, out of local olitics. A Perrott (RWP) should have bee a Vera’s Charity Board safeguard member to protect Vera’s John Yeon’s treasure, her 14.3 acre LVNP creation. Now (5) with the LVNP protected recalling the Vietors had only two cars, low auto traffic, Vera could have allowed money via her Executor to buy a small piece of pasture opposite LVNP’s entrance on Indianola Road. That’s vs. the now 100 asphalt parking slots that have been illegally built inside the LVNP in 1995, and 2001 despoiling it should have been on such outside the LVNP limits in now adjacent cow pasture. That ‘s then LVNP be operated as foot traffic only allowed entrance for visitors. No asinine bringing vehicles inside an equivalent of a football stadium or 'native and unspoiled’ LVNP in this case. Vera (6) should have got Lynn to have estate planning matters better tied up in his or their lifetimes. That’s to have qualified legitimate LVNP land trustee not a SF skunk bank, never Lynn’s Charity domiciled inside their precious LVNP or John Yeon’s treasure to be destroyed by Charity take over boobs. Plus (7) Vera should not have let her skunk bank as her SOLE Executor. Lynn had good contacts as John Yeon or U of Oregon Architectural School) et al. To never have permitted Lynn’s Charity to be involved inside their home site.
Or a SF Trust bank as original absentee LVNP land Trustee. We never know when our curtain will come down in life. So Hell continues to be rapidly repaved with procrastinated good intentions-cum-bad outcomes. For facts during the kill Vera’s messenger dogma epoch 1999-2001 Vera’s watchdogs created a net site www.humboldexposed.org. It provides dated details, images of Vera’s despoiled John Yeon treasure, her LVNP site. A chronological bullet points of Vera’s saga was to be the next chapter, but scrapped for an earlier publisher’s concern for attracting litigation. That chapter’s saga documentation with references of specific documented proof of SF Bank, Charity’s gross chicanery which surfaced during Vera’s watchdog’s stop break ground of skeleton’s out of Vera’s estate file late in the saga a generation on. Our plan is to publish that critical deleted chapter’s on our existing site in lieu of it as a next book chapter as originally planned. Why bother now that the LVNP damage has been done? Call it Rule of Law so Vera’s file of mostly unknown chicanery, LVNP despoliation, invasion of Charity principal, false dogma get out to an otherwise duped, often kept fat, dumb, and happy sheeple public can identify their perceived sacred cow charity as a wolf in sheep’s clothing via the post 1992 boob run version of Vera’s Charity. Our expose net site needs updating with full details ex Vera’s estate file (deleted bok chapter).
XXOur net site has been up for 15 plus years with not a whisper of libel litigation, reporting sad facts. Vera thanks you for hearing or enduring her sad saga. She tried to her dying day to leave her LVNP safeguarded “native and unspoiled for future generations” as did Vera’s watchdog heirs as chronicled herein via honest hard work which efforts were overcome by deception, fraud, self-serving crony corruption thus failed. C’est la vie or that’s life as we Huguenot rooted Perrotts used to say back in our 16th Century living or surviving in France earlier days. Below is a poem of Vera’s Lament as posted on Vera’s Humboldt exposing internet site. That’s to let the duped and jilted North Coast Public know the real story put up by Vera’s watchdogs to alert her regional Public that post 1992 their perceived sacred cow now boob run Charity is better identified as an authentic wolf in sheep’s clothing or a rip off formerly real (post Dusic days) Vera’s created Charity. This 2001 poem came in Vera’s Class Action law suite 2001 epoch. That’s in Vera’s last appearance on Humboldt’s legal stage. In Vera’s last Humboldt effort via a Class Action suit to stop her boob Charity’s further despoliation I was visiting Fortuna in a motel from TX. I was suffering from night mares, insomnia over Vera’s sad saga. I awoke from a troubled sleep. I can’t write two lines of poetry.
At three AM this poem came to me like Vera channeling her LVNP lament. I jotted it down as divine interventional summary of Vera’s loser’s version of a Gettysburg like address. That’s 1941 thru 1972 of the Vietors creating something exceptional, their redwood forested dome hill 14.3 acre Humboldt Bay view enchanting Nature Preserve topped by John Yeon’s landscaped residence jewel. Vera’s deathbed will created, gave here LVNP to the Public in Trust. Vera’s other liquid assets to a Charitable Foundation Trust for a Principal Trust income only to fund Vera’s will’s Charitable Foundation creation. After 18 years Vera’s Charity went post 1992 boob run amok as a LVNP despoiling Frankenstein Monster with winks from the Court, Planning illegal destructive building permit, Supervisors, and CCC to permit irreparable despoliation of Vera’s keep it native and unspoiled LVNP gift to future generations. The Vietors efforts were doomed via alleged crony conflict of interest Court’s failures to provide Rule of Law protection to Vera’s will created LVNP Public gift.
This is not what my 1972 dying widow’s death bed will said or meant
This is not the gifts for the Humboldt Public my will sent
Native and unspoiled for Lynn Vietor Nature Preserve I created, see
A quiet pristine wildlife sanctuary gift for the North Coast it was to be
Complete with my Internationally famous John Yeon house
Which I admonished by live in Charity not to touch, not even a mouse

After 18 years good Executive Director Ellen Dusick is gone
A pusillanimous new boob run Charity administration in 1992 was on
Post 1992 my fiducially irresponsible Charity is now off track
My will states for such breach of Will and Trust I SHALL take it all back
Despoliation is my post 1992 Land Trustee Charity’s new rule of the day
To stop it my Perrott watchdogs get no Court standing they say

1995 my charity chain sawed my oak, dogwood, buck berry, several redwood
Now ugly parking asphalt is where native and unspoiled landscaping stood
A casualty of my boob Charity’s empire building my John Yeon home is gutted, violated
All funded by my outlawed Charitable Trust Principal funds illegally invaded
1999 my Charity announces expanded building or LVNP destruction
Despite my will outlawed even one picnic table’s construction

To grow my Foundation is my post 1992 boob run charity’s stated aim
My Nature Preserve and Principal Trust must suffer is my boob run Charity’s claim
My Charity should give up this fiduciary mismanagement to go Rule of Law right
Expand or Empire build elsewhere outside the Preserve, off site
My charity need not breach my Trust to philanthropically give
No! Let my Walden Pond like LVNP gifts to the North Coast Public live

From my Charity’s boob chairman of the Board? No hope
Other Directors? The Court? Planning Department? CCC? Nope
To my dupped North Coast beneficiaries I now appeal
Native and unspoiled gifts to you and Future generations was my 1972 will’s deal
This 14.3 acre LVNP with John Yeon abode should be a National Heritage site
If the Public intervenes, stops my Charity’s illegal destruction, I pray it still might